Welcome to our How To Play Sky Sports Fantasy Football Guide. This is designed for complete beginners to the Sky Game – a dummies guide if you like.

What is Sky Sports Fantasy Football?

Sky Sports Fantasy Football is a great alternative to the official Fantasy Premier League game. Although there are a number of differences (which we will come onto shortly), the basic principles remain the same.

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How do I score points?

Points can be seen below. Its similar scoring system to most other fantasy football games. That said, keepers get more points for a clean sheet and players also gain an extra five points for winning the Sky man of the match (MOTM) award.

How to play sky sports fantasy football

Bonus Points

Bonus points in Sky differ from other games and are awarded saves, tackles, passes and shots on target and there are two tiers. Getting your head around the bonus system and how to exploit it is key to becoming good at the game and winning. We’ll come onto how to do this later.

How to play sky sports fantasy football understanding bonus points

Sky sports fantasy football how to play and what players to pick - tips

What formation can I use?

Sky gives you 100m to spend on 11 players (unlike FPL, there is no bench). There’s a reasonable number of formation options but only 11 players and no subs. There are no restrictions on the number of Premier League players you can select from one team.

How do captains work?

As with FPL, captains earn double points – positive and negative. A unique feature of the Sky game, however, is the ability to pick a captain for each day of the Gameweek. So if there are games on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday then you can pick up-to four captains over that period. Captains will keep their points for each gameday (i.e., it’s not a case of ‘stick or twist’), so you should aim to have a captain playing every day.

We’ll get more into captain strategy and planning later, as this is a vital part of the game.

How do transfers work in Sky Sports Fantasy Football?

You have 40 regular transfers for the season but can only use five in a Gameweek (which runs Friday to Thursday). You can make them at any time before kick-off for the first match of a match day (unlike FPL you are able to see line-ups for the first match of that day before making a transfer or selecting a captain). Transfers can also be made during the weekend. If you transfer a player out on Saturday for a player on Sunday you will get both of their points. We’ll come back to this later as it’s another crucial part of playing and winning at Sky.

Are there price changes?

There are no price changes.

What are overhauls?

For those FPL managers amongst you, these are essentially wildcards. You can make as many transfers as you want during that period. Here are the timeframes.

  • The first Overhaul period will begin following the completion of game week 4. It will then run throughout game week 5 and up until the first kick off of game week 6.
  • The second Overhaul period will open after the final match of game week 24. The Overhaul will remain open for the whole of game week 25 and up until the first kick off of game week 26 due to be on 1st February.

What tools can I use to do well?

We’ll be discussing these in more detail in our How To Win at Sky Sports Fantasy Football Guide, but every fantasy manager needs a good fixture ticker and a basic understanding of the key stats. Best place to find these is on our new OPTA data stats tool, which also includes a handy tab for Sky bonus points.

How is the Sky Sports Fantasy Football different from FPL?

Sky Sports Fantasy Football is fundamentally different in three ways to most other formats. These are the multiple captains, the bonus system and the 40 transfer limit (although since the 17/18 season that has now changed slightly with the Overhauls). Exploiting these three differences is key to winning.

Introductory Podcasts on Sky Sports Fantasy Football

From our friends Who Got The Assist. Includes guests Dan and Will (authors of this post). Also check out the Hub’s Sky Fantasy Podcast.

How Do I Beat My Mates?

This guide has been on how to play the game. In the next sections, we’ll be teaching you how to win and beat your mates, everything from the golden transfer rule, the best formations managing your team over a season and how to use various resources and tools effectively. This How To Win at Sky Sports Fantasy Football Guide comes as part of our membership package that literally covers everything you need to do well at the Sky Game.

Who are we?

This guide is written by Will Thomas and Dan Cox. Will is the Founder of Fantasy Football Hub and has five top 100 finishes. Dan is a previous overall winner, scooping a cool £50k prize in the process.

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