How to Play Telegraph Fantasy Football

Telegraph Fantasy Football is a great alternative to the official Fantasy Premier League and Sky Sports Fantasy Football games and has lasted the test of time for over 20 years.

Although there are a number of key differences (which we will come onto shortly), the basic principles remain the same albeit the FA Cup adds a different and exciting dimension to the Telegraph game!

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How To Play Telegraph Fantasy Football

You have a £50m budget, pick a team of 11 players to line up in one of seven formations (unlike FPL, there is no bench).

You can change your team as much as you like during the transfer amnesty, which runs right up until the first Premier League game of the season, After that, you’ll get 40 transfers to last you for the long season ahead.

How do I score points in Telegraph Fantasy Football?

Points can be seen below. It’s a similar scoring system to most other fantasy football games with the key differences being there are no Man of the Match points or captaincy points so the game is very much based on rewarding specific actions on the pitch.

New for 2021/22, TFF have introduced some bonus points to try and increase the player pool size that we can select players from. We have a detailed analysis of these TFF Bonus Point changes including the impact this will have when choosing players.

As with all other fantasy football games, the aim is to score as many points as possible during the season.

Your selected players will score points as follows:

All players:

  • Starting XI appearance (2 pts)
  • Substitute appearance (1 pt)
  • Goal scored (5 pts)
  • Assist (3 pts)
  • Red card (-3 pts)
  • Yellow card (-1 pt)
  • Missed penalty (-2 pts)
  • Own Goal (-3 pts)

Goalkeepers only:

  • Penalty save (5pts)
  • Two saves (1pt)

Goalkeepers/defenders only:

  • Full Clean Sheet – player plays 60 mins or more (5 pts)
  • Part Clean Sheet – player plays fewer than 60 mins (2 pts)
  • First goal conceded (0 pts)
  • Each additional goal conceded (-1 pt)

Midfielders only

  • Two tackles (1 pt)

Points are not awarded for penalty shoot outs.

What formations can I use in Telegraph Fantasy Football?

There are seven formation options, but only 11 players and no substitutes. There are no restrictions on the number of players you can select from one team.

How do captains work in Telegraph Fantasy Football?

There are no captains in TFF.

How do transfers work in Telegraph Fantasy Football?

As mentioned, you have 40 transfers for the season but can only use five in a Gameweek (which runs Tuesday to Monday). Transfers can be made during the weekend and between games in a single Gameday

If you transfer a player out following a Saturday 12.30pm match for a player in the following 3pm match you will get both of their points. You can make them at any time before kick-off of any match subject to there being no other matches kicked off within two hours of the kick-off which is a rare occurrence.

This is different from Sky Fantasy where all transfers need to made prior to the first kick off of the day, and unlike FPL where there is a Gameweek deadline prior to the first game of the Gameweek.


Generally, the Premier League fixtures and kick-off times are:

Friday: 8pm

Saturday: 12.30pm, 3pm, 5.30pm and sometimes 7.45pm (note a minimum of two hours between each kick-off)

Sunday: 1.30pm and 4pm (again minimum two hours between each kick-off)

Monday: 8pm

So in the above fairly standard scenario you could transfers players in and out between every match if you wanted to.

However, sometimes we see a Sunday fixture list such as:

Sunday: 1.30pm, 3pm and 4pm

In this scenario, transfers could be made prior to the 1.30pm game and after the 3pm game in readiness for the 4pm game. Transfers could not be made after 1.30pm in readiness for the 3pm game as that is under a two hour gap.

It sounds pretty confusing but it is rare this happens and TFF always warn you on the app and website what you can and can’t do when on the transfers page anyway so it is easy to manage.

This transfer offers the more discerning manager a big advantage over more casual players. We’ll come back to this later as it’s another crucial part of playing and winning at TFF.

Are there price changes in Telegraph Fantasy Football?

There are no price changes in TFF.

Are there wildcards or overhauls in Telegraph Fantasy Football?

There are no wildcards or overhauls in TFF.

How is Telegraph Fantasy Football different from other fantasy games?

Telegraph Fantasy Football is the most simplistic of fantasy football games due to the limited point-scoring rules. There are no captains, a limited bonus system and 40 transfers to use for the whole season. Knowing where to focus your budget and disciplined transfer play are the keys to success.

How to Win at Telegraph Fantasy Football

We hope you enjoyed this free guide on how to play TFF. If you’re interested in how to do well at the game, we have an in-depth member’s guide that covers:

  1. Winning formations and team structure.
  2. Types of player you should target
  3. 10 winning principles (including the golden transfer rule).
  4. Five fatal errors.
  5. Managing your team over a season and key resources
  6. Mini-league play

Where can I get more Telegraph Fantasy Football tips?

Our essential Telegraph Fantasy Ultimate Guide, written by the very best Telegraph fantasy players, gives you the best Telegraph Fantasy 2021/22 tips and content to help you become a better fantasy football manager and dominate your mini-leagues.

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