Want to beat your mates at FPL? Want to beat that mini-league rival who always wins? Want to get a better overall rank?

This complete guide to FPL will cover everything from an absolute beginners FAQs to formation and team structure, winning tips, fatal errors, building team value, defence strategies and how to play your chips and wildcards effectively. In short, this guide does what it says on the tin, it teaches you everything you need to know to play FPL…and win.

A little bit about your authors…

Will and FPL Heisenberg, veterans at the game, have written these guides. Will is the founder of fantasy football hub and been playing FPL for eight years with five top 10,000 finishes, including three best finishes of 82nd, 753rd & 1604. FPL Heisenberg came a storming 834th last year and top 10,000 the year before. We’re not saying this to blow our own trumpets, simply to reassure you that the advice given comes from years of fine-tuning our FPL skillset that we are now passing on to you.

This FPL guide includes:

  • Winning FPL formations and team structure.
    • Winning formations and team structures with examples.
    • Key tips for different formation structures.
    • How much to spend on each position.
    • Five overall structure stips.
    • The types of players you should be drafting in for each position.
    • Two rules you MUST stick to when selecting players.
  • How To Take Hits in FPL.
    • Four occasions when you should take a hit.
    • Five tips for making hits.
  • Defence Strategies in FPL.
    • How to play two and three way rotation strategies.
  • Chips, Wildcards & Double Gameweeks.
    • How to take advantage of double Gameweeks
    • How to play your bench boost, triple captain and free hit chips
    • How to play your first wildcard
    • How to play your second wildcard
    • How to combine chips effectively
    • What is a free hit boomerang and how to play it effectively
  • How to build team value
    • Why does it happen and why is it so important
    • FPL Tools you’ll need
    • The risk involved
    • Five winning tips to building team value
    • Example season strategy

In this FPL members guide, you can either read each section in order (advised for beginners) or skip to a section of your choice (intermediate and advanced players).