Want to beat your mates at fantasy football? Want to beat that mini league rival who always wins? Want to get a better overall rank?

I have been playing FPL for seven years now. Apart from my first season playing, I have finished in the top 1% every time. In five of those I have finished top 10,000 with my three best finishes being 1,603rd, 753rd and 82nd.

My rank history

  • 2011/12 = 9,508
  • 2012/13 = 36,188
  • 2013/14 = 753
  • 2014/15 = 82
  • 2015/16 = 8,234
  • 2016/17 = 1,604

I’m not saying this to boast, but simply to reassure you that what I am about to tell you works. It’s a proven formula that I have followed and refined over the years. I can (almost) guarantee that if you follow the advice given in this guide, you will improve as an FPL player.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner on an advanced player looking for some tips and tricks, this guide is for you. I will teach you how to become a better Fantasy Premier League (FPL) manager... and win!

You can either read each section in order (advised for beginners) or skip to a section of your choice (intermediate and advanced players).