How to win at Sky Fantasy Football

Welcome to our How To Win at Sky Sports Fantasy Football Guide by Sky Fantasy champions Dan Cox and Liam Dorrian.

If you're a complete novice, we'd recommend checking out our How To Play Sky Fantasy Football guide first.

Part 1: Picking an XI

Formations and Team Structure 

Sadly, there is no golden formation in Sky Fantasy, each season is different and your formation should change and evolve as the season progresses. This article by Carl is an excellent read on where you should spend the cash when it comes to your Sky Fantasy team and hints that there is more value in defence.

Despite Carl's excellent work, we advise not to jump straight into five-man back line due to flexibility issues (5-3-2 is the only valid formation with five at the back making it impossible to transfer between a midfielder and forward or vice versa). Below we'll be outlining an example 4-4-2 structure that you could employ.

Example 4-4-2 team structure 

how to win at sky fantasy

Example 4-4-2 Team Structure

Don't pay any attention to the players here. The main thing to note are the following tips:

Seven Sky Sports Fantasy Football Structure Tips

  1. Ability to switch between positions. This is an obvious one for those that already play the game, but is nevertheless important to remember. For example, you can switch out a midfielder for a striker or vice-versa as long as it remains a valid formation. This last point is crucial, as 5-3-2 is the only valid formation with five at the back, meaning that you wouldn't be able to switch between your midfielders and strikers.
  2. Have flexible price points. We can't stress how important this is. Even experienced players restrict their ability to bring in new players. As an example, having five midfielders priced between £8m-£10m means that it requires two precious transfers to bring in a midfielder of £10m. In the example above, you could easily switch out Salah for a big hitting midfielder in one move.
  3. Don't overload on players from the same team. There's a couple of reasons for this. The first one is that you are restricting the number of players that you can select as captains. Having two big hitting expensive players from one team means a chunk of your budget is wasted on a player that you're not going to captain. Of course, there are exceptions to this such as Manchester City in the 17/18 season when many of their players were great options simply because of the number of goals they scored and the passing bonus they accrued.
  4. There is no correct formation. Don't be rigid in your thinking and say 'I always play 3-4-3'. There are likely to be times across a season where all formations are valid. Good managers will recognise these shifts and adapt their formation accordingly. As described in the introduction, Five at the back is also very strong option as defenders generally offer better value per million.
  5. Have at least three big-hitting captaincy options. Captaincy is crucial in the Sky Fantasy game and you should try to have a big hitting midfielder or forward playing against weak opposition each game day. Depending on how the fixtures fall, this won't always be possible, but the more the merrier.
  6. Think long-term. Set yourself up for the long term. Have you looked at the long-term fixtures? Have you considered what will happen if a player gets injured or drops out of form? Are you able to bring in a big hitting player in one move if they hit a hot streak? Planning ahead is crucial to this and something we'll come back to later in the series.
  7. Jump on cheap players early. A few weeks into the season there are often some value gems that emerge (Soyuncu was the man in the 19/20 season, Kenny the season before). It's crucial to jump on these players early as it frees up a ton of budget and flexibility for your squad.

Types of players you need in Sky Sports Fantasy Football

The beauty of the Sky Fantasy game is that most positions, including defensive midfielders, are options.

Nailed on and unlikely to get injured

With no bench and limited transfers, it's crucial to have players that are not only regular starters but are unlikely not to get injured. Anyone with a poor injury record should be a red flag for managers as precious transfers get wasted bringing them in and out.

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