You've probably heard that Sky Sports Fantasy Football is a great alternative to FPL. In fact, many who play it are so hooked and actually prefer it to FPL. Here are a few of its features:

  • Free to play (although must be UK residents).
  • Weekly and monthly prizes.
  • Create a prize pot with friends and family in Prize Leagues. This is run through Sky bet so no hassle in organising or holding funds.
  • There is a great community of Sky players, like FPL, albeit a bit smaller.
  • There is a real chance of a great rank and even winning. With a £50,000 top prize, the rewards are significant.
  • Smaller private and public cash leagues allow those who know their fantasy football to make tidy profits.
  • Unlike in FPL certain player categories are not completely ruled out, with defensive midfielders particular adept at collecting bonus points for passing and tackling.
  • Multiple captains mean your weekend can be salvaged if you get a captain blank early on in the Gameweek.

About this 'How To Win at Sky Sports Fantasy Football' series

This members series will be covering everything from an absolute beginners guide to formation & team structure, winning tips, fatal errors, managing your team over the season and essential tools. By the end, we will publish the 'How to Win at Sky Sports Fantasy Football - The Complete Guide'. This will teach you everything you need to know to play Sky Sports Fantasy Football...and win.

A little bit about your authors...

Will and Dan, veterans at the game, have written the guide. Will is the founder of fantasy football hub and been playing Sky Fantasy Football for six years with four top 100 finishes. Dan was Sky Sports Fantasy Football overall winner in 2016/17 (scooping a cool £50k) and backed that up by coming 30th last year.

This absolute beginner's guide will teach you the very basics of the game and how to play it.