How to win at FPL | Five Common Errors in FPL

In the fifth section in our updated How To Win at FPL guide for 2021/22 season, we list five common errors in FPL committed by inexperienced managers.

If you’re a complete novice, we recommend you first read our how to play FPL guide. Any questions, drop us a comment below!

1) Making an FPL Decision Based on gut Feeling

This is the most common error FPL managers make. You must logically consider why you are selecting that player, not just base your decision on a hunch or a whim.

Sure, gut calls can sometimes pay off, but more often than not, you’ll be left with no points and taking a hit to remove the player.

2) Jumping on Every FPL Bandwagon

Just because other FPL managers are bringing players in does not mean they are good picks. 

Remember, you care about future points, not what they scored last week. If it’s a cheap defensive midfielder who managed to hit the only brace in his career, it’s probably safe to assume that this is a bandwagon best avoided.

There is an exception here.


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