How to win at FPL | Form vs. Fixtures

This third section in our updated How To Win at FPL guide for 2021/22 season is about Form vs Fixtures, a hotly contested topic amongst Fantasy Premier League managers.

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How to win at FPL - Fixtures Over Form

Every fantasy manager can see the previous form and points total of an FPL asset. But remember, we don’t really care about previous points in FPL. What matters is future points, and our number one tool for predicting future points is fixtures (not the only tool though).

The Fantasy Football Hub fixture ticker should be every good FPL manager’s best friend. Knowing the fixtures allows you to get a big jump on the casual player.

Generally, you should be targeting players with good form and good fixtures. Equally, you should be avoiding those with bad form and bad fixtures. That’s the easy part.

The tricky part is understanding those players whose form defies their bad fixtures, and those that are on a poor run of form but have a great run of fixtures.

For us it’s simple; a good run of fixtures will, more often than not, create form, and therefore you will be on the form player before anyone else. There are always exceptions to the rules, but having played the game for a long time, fixtures often precede form.

You will create the bandwagons instead of jumping on halfway through or at the end of their run (when the fixtures turn!).

In simple terms; not only do you want to squeeze a lot of games in for your team, but you also want those games to be against easier opposition.

Does Player Position Matter?


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