How to win at FPL | Using Statistics in FPL

This is the fourth section in our updated How To Win at FPL guide for 2021/22 season, all about how to use statistics in FPL.

If you're a complete novice, we recommend you first read our how to play FPL guide. Any questions, drop us a comment below!

Along with fixtures, underlying statistics is up there with the most important predictors of future points.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to understanding statistics and which ones to use in FPL, but here we will outline the main ones that we look at – all available from our OPTA tool.

The Right Gameweek Range for Statistics in FPL

Before we delve into what statistics to look at, it’s important to understand what range of statistics to take into account. Do you solely look at the last match or the last 10 matches?

The reality is that there are no set rules. The more matches you look at, the richer and more in-depth your data is and the less influenced by past fixture difficulty.

But this has to be counterbalanced by the fact that a player's recent underlying statistics are often (but not always) more predictive of future scores. From experience we can tell you that the sweet spot is somewhere around the last four to eight matches.

As always with FPL, there are some exceptions. If a player has shifted position a couple of matches ago, you may choose to only assess more recent data. Or if you’re looking at home and away rotation strategies (something we’ll come onto in more detail later), you may wish to use the home and away toggle on the OPTA data tool.

What FPL Stats Should I Look at?


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