How To Win at Sky Sports Fantasy Football

Want to beat your mates at Sky Sports Fantasy Football? Want to beat that mini-league rival who always wins? Want to get a better overall rank and win some cash mini-leagues? Been playing FPL and want to try something different?

If the answer is 'yes' to any of the above, you have come to the right place. This comprehensive Sky Sports Fantasy Football guide is designed to give absolute beginners a step-by-step guide to winning, whilst also offering some advanced tips and strategies for those experienced vets amongst you.

Just so you know that the advice we are about to give is well informed, here's a bit about your authors:


Founder of fantasy football hub and been playing Sky Sports Fantasy Football for seven years now. During that time, Will finished in the top 100 on five occasions and has won over £8,000 in cash mini-league winnings. That's nothing compared to this man though...


Founding contributor of Fantasy Football Hub and Sky Sports Fantasy Football overall winner in 2016/17 (scooping a cool £50k in the process).  Proving that winning was no fluke, Dan finished 30th in 2017/18.

We are not saying this to boast, but simply to reassure you that what we are about to tell you works. It’s a proven formula that we have followed and refined over the years. If you follow the advice given in this guide, you will improve as Sky player.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner on an advanced player looking for some pro tips and tricks, this guide is for you. We will teach you how to become a better Sky Sports Fantasy Football player… and win!

What you get in the Sky Sports Fantasy Football guide:

  • Winning formations and team structure.
  • Example winning team structures
  • Types of player you should target
  • 6 winning principles (including the golden transfer rule).
  • Five fatal errors.
  • Managing your team over a season.
  • Quick and dirty transfer checklist.
  • Essential tools and resources to need to win at Sky sports fantasy football.

You can either read each section in order (advised for beginners) or skip to a section of your choice (intermediate and advanced players).

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