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Part 3: Errors & Team Management

5 fatal errors

1.   Making a decision based on gut feeling

This is the most common error managers make. You must logically consider why you are selecting that player, not just base your decision on a hunch or a whim. Sure, gut calls can sometimes pay off, but more often than not, you’ll be left with no points and spurning other transfers to remove the player.

2.   Jumping on every bandwagon

Just because others are bringing people in does not mean they are good picks. Remember, you care about future points not what they scored last week. If it’s a cheap defensive midfielder, who managed to hit the only brace in his career, but every Tom, Dick or Harry is bringing them in because they see last week’s score, it’s probably safe to assume that this is a bandwagon best avoided. The exception here is when you’re trying to build team value early in the season, but we still advise you to only jump on bandwagons which have genuine potential.

3.   Being stubborn

Missed a player’s points haul and don’t want to bring them in? The more they score the more stubborn you become? Don’t do this! We have seen stubbornness derail even experienced managers – it’s often their Achilles heel. Admit to your mistakes and bring that player in even if it means paying a higher price.

  1. Making early transfers

With no price changes, there’s little point in locking in your transfers early. You never know when one of your transfer targets or current squad could pick up a knock.

  1. Panic if you get off to a bad start

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. The worst thing you can do is panic start thinking you need to find differentials in order to catch up. Chances are that mini-league rival has blown quite a few transfers. All you need to do is keep making smart plays and hold off burning through your transfers on long shots.

Managing your team over a season

Pace yourself

We have touched on this one already, but its worth reiterating as its one that beginners tend to mess up. Transfers are precious. With 38 week and 40 transfers, a rough rule of thumb is to spend one transfer per Gameweek. Don’t go blowing 3-5 each week or you’ll get to Christmas and have none left.

The opposite is also true. There’s little point saving ten transfers until the final week. As you get close to the end of the season, the potential points you can gain from a transfer diminishes. This is because it has less time to make an impact.

Breaking the season into chunks

It’s often helpful to break down the season into more manageable chunks.

Chunk 1: Start until the first overhaul

You’ll want to optimise your team so that it takes advantage of players with easy opening fixture up until the first overhaul. As tempting as it may be to try and get off to a flying start, you should aim to use minimal during this period as your captains and players should be mapped out.

Chunk 2: first overhaul until Christmas

You’ll want to have your team well set up after the overhaul. If you need to make some early transfers after the overhaul it’s often worth it to have a good team heading into the busy festive period. A good target is to aim to have half your transfers (20) left by Christmas day.

Chunk 3: Christmas until the second overhaul

Plenty of point on offer here you’ll want to be aggressive with your strategy, but leave enough transfers in the bag for the home stretch. Depending on exactly where the second overhaul falls, you should aim to have around 10 transfers remaining post-overhaul.

Chunk 4: The home straight

This is where you can make up good ground on opponents who have blown all there transfers. They’ll often be re-arranged games making plenty of good captaincy options and those transfers well worth holding onto.


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