“Genuinely not sure I could have won without it”

Jason Barlow 2017/18 overall winner

“Ian that is a fantastic bit of kit. very, very clever.”

Dan Cox 2016/2017 overall winner

I don’t think this needs any more introduction than the above two quotes from the last two winners. If you play Sky Fantasy Football and want to do well, you’ll be needing this bit of kit from Ian Parrin.

An introduction to the tool from Ian…

Managers just need to put their team for Wednesday 17th June into cells ZV14-ZV24. If you have inputted a team including too many or too few GK/DEF/MID/STRs, then ‘Invalid Formation’ will appear in red on Line 13 (in the example tab see Column YX.)

There is a Data Validation code on the players to ensure that their names are recognisable from the Alphabetical players tab. For example Barnes would not be accepted, you would need to check the tab to see that there is a choice between Barnes A & Barnes H. Note that Gomes Andre/Angel plus Luiz David/Douglas are named in full.

The Cost, Position and Club tabs are just there for easy reference if required. The Fixtures, Playing, Transfers, Stats and Lookup tabs perform functions that don’t need to be touched.

Managers need to input in ZV31 how many transfers they have remaining at the time (40 at the start of the season) this then recalculates across the columns as the season progresses. When managers have made a transfer, they just type the player’s name in the relevant cell (in the example tab: see Foden in cell ZY21.) Notice how the cell highlights Yellow, and Rows 28-32 change accordingly. If you have overspent the £100M, then Row 32 will highlight Red.

Players whose sides are in action on each Matchday will have their team name highlighted a darker shade of Orange. Row 26 then shows how many players you have represented on each Matchday (highlighted Red if you have no players) with Row 27 showing how many Midfielders/Strikers you have for a captaincy option (highlighted Orange for none)

The Season Counts in Column A calculate your total Player Days and Captaincy Days in relation to the maximum available. The higher the green number in A19 shows how effective your transfers have been in gaining extra fixtures. The lower the red number in A24 shows that fewer captaincy possibilities have been forsaken.

The 2-4-1 tabs will show whether clubs from which you are planning on transferring players in will have additional upcoming fixtures over those being transferred out. Managers can click on the filter arrow in cell B2, which will then produce a drop-down box giving the option of selecting as few or as many clubs as required. For example, you can see between Saturday July 4th and Thursday July 9th there is a two-for-one available between Manchester City and Manchester United.

New for the second half of the season are the tables and charts showing points scored by players so far this campaign. The tables are listed in the order denoted by the tab name. The player charts all run from left to right with the highest points scorer positioned on the left-hand side. The value charts all have a linear trend line: the players highest above the line have the best points per million totals


Sky Transfers 2020 FFH July Fixtures Update


You can download Ian’s spreadsheet here. If you have any questions, leave a comment and I’m sure he’ll get back to you.


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