Ian is a top quality manager for both FPL and Sky (where he came top 40 last year). Here’s a bit about him:

My first memory of playing any kind of Fantasy Football was in Shoot! Magazine circa 1985. The premise was along the lines of being given £100K (transfer fee not wages per week) to produce an imaginary team designed to win promotion from the Fourth Division.

Next came the Daily Telegraph incarnation in the early nineties, first with pen-and-paper followed by automated telephone, to go alongside the newly-formed Premier League. FF was considered a geek’s game at the time, but that didn’t stop me creating my own variations to play in conjunction with the main game: we had a high stakes work money league where you had an unlimited budget, but could only select one player per club.

A busy family life proceeded to interrupt by FF enjoyment for a dozen years, until I came across FPL in 2011. The ability to appear extremely productive on my laptop, whilst allowing my wife to monopolize the television, suited both of us down to the ground.

I embarked on the Sky game after being invited to a friend’s league. The first time around was a disappointing failure, as I had used all the transfers way too early. The next year I decided to use my self-taught Excel skills to try to plan more carefully. The upshot was winning the prize pool by a considerable margin, and not being invited back for the following year!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ianp1970

Ian’s super useful Sky Spreadsheet can be found here: https://fantasyfootballhub.co.uk/ian-parrins-sky-transfer-toolkit/