Win €50,000 when you come first in your Fanteam mini-league?

FPL is a free game yet we all spend hours each week analysing stats, listening to podcasts, watching videos and researching the game. No, the heading isn’t clickbait, it’s an amazing chance to monetise all the time and effort you put into your FPL team throughout the season.

I love Cash leagues, it’s the reason I started playing FPL and what has kept me going for so many seasons.  I’ve won some big prizes along the way, but nothing comes close to this and I intend to commit to trying to win this too.

Where can I find more information?

Will has summarised the main points here

Key Points:

  • Multiple Ways to Win – yes the first prize is spectacular and there’s a cash prize all the way down to 1,250th, but that’s not the only way you can win. Even if your team is dead and buried in the overall rankings there’s a Manager of the month structured payout for the top 19, the top three best Gameweek scores get paid each week and there’s an additional payment for the top score of the season.
  • It plays like FPL – you don’t need to spend your time learning a new game the player prices are pretty much the same, the rules are almost the same and it plays like classic FPL before the chips were introduced where you just had wildcards, which is great for the purists out there. There are a few subtle differences, which I will highlight later.
  • Massive Overlay – there are currently 250 entries (€6,250), the overall prize pot is €250,000, which means there’s a massive overlay of €243,750. An overlay is effectively free money going into the pot.  There will be an overlay if there are less than 10,000 entries and you will be guaranteed to get at least your stake back if there are only 1,250 entries.
  • I’ve got more chance of winning the lottery – the game is capped at 12,000 entrants with slightly more than the top 10% winning money and the decent money being paid to the top 40. FPL has more than 5 million teams, but using that as a baseline the top 10% would be an overall rank of 500,000 and top 40 would equate to a rank of 16,500.  The FPL gold standard is top 10,000 and this should illustrate that it is quite feasible that you could do well here.


Sign Up Incentives

If you sign up via the hub link – you will be eligible for two months free Hub membership.

FanTeam are currently offering a 200% first time deposit bonus (up to a maximum deposit of €250) that will be released as 25% rakeback increments on any tournaments you enter within 90 days of depositing.

FanTeam will also be offering weekly €50,000 games and ad hoc larger guarantee games, so the additional deposit monies and rakeback can be used towards these.  There are certain Gameweeks during the year where you do that little bit more research than usual and these side games are ideal to extract more value from all the time and effort you’ve spent.

What do I need to know?  

I will show the details of some of my drafts in a few weeks once the pre season is nearly over so I have a better idea of how the teams are going to line up.

My initial plan will be to enter four teams based on the following:

  1. FPL Mirror – this will just mirror whatever I do with my FPL team, it will take 0 thought and effort, as I’m just translating all the time / effort spent on one game to the other and the games are similar enough where it shouldn’t negatively impact the performance of the other.
  2. The Alternate Draft – everybody is going to start their FPL season with several dilemmas e.g. Salah and Sterling or Kane etc. This is an opportunity to see what might have happened with my alternate draft rather than thinking bitterly to myself about what might have been when the season has barely started.
  3. A Contrarian FanTeam Optimised Draft – my FPL team will be set up based on how I feel the beginning of the season will pan out based on fixtures and my intuition about performance. This team will be created as a hedge in case I get it totally wrong and I will fine-tune it slightly to take into account a few subtle differences in the scoring between FanTeam and FPL.
  4. The 3rd Wildcard – I will make a late entry in Gameweek 2 or 3, the penalty being I will start behind all of the other teams with a 70% of the average score compensation. This means that if the average score after 2 Gameweeks is 80 I will start on 56, which will put me behind the leaders who might be on 140+.  Why would I be willing to sacrifice 80+ points?  This is a dangerous strategy but I’m interested to see how it plays out, as I will have enough information to setup a template team, I could benefit from price rises, it should mean I don’t need to Wildcard until Xmas giving an edge vs rivals and it’s early enough in the season where points can be caught up.  It could be madness but I like to experiment with different strategies.

I strongly suggest that you consider entering at least two entries, you should mirror your FPL team to make it easy to play at the same time and then the other entry can be setup based on whatever you fancy.


FPL Similarities and Differences

  • Transfers – these are largely the same as FPL. You can only have three players from each team, you get one free transfer a week that can be banked (but only up to two maximum) and you pay -4 for every transfer over your allowance.
  • Chips – there aren’t any chips other than two wildcards, the first must be used between Gameweeks 2-18 and the second after that. This might cause some divergence with your FPL team, as that will largely be based around optimising the chips.
  • Price Changes – the timing isn’t set, but they behave in the same way with 0.1 million increments up to a maximum of 0.3 million per Gameweek. The major difference is that your selling price is the same as the buying price, so you will be able to massively build team value during the season that could lead to a dream team with the wildcard.
  • Scoring – there aren’t any bonus points awarded but there’s an “impact” factor awarded if the player’s team wins the period he’s on the pitch, which adds some weighting to picking players from better teams and there’s also additional points awarded where a player plays a full match. In a game of fine margins, these extra points are huge and you need to be factoring in the following:


Playing time – you want your Midfield and Forwards to not get substituted off much so that you get an extra 1 point every game.

e.g. Milijojevic started 38 games last season, was never substituted off and that’s a guaranteed 38 points.

Winning Team –    if you’re unsure about who to play out of two players then opt for the one most likely to win their game, as you’ll get an extra point if the team wins the period he’s on the pitch.

For example, the top-scoring players last season were largely from Manchester City and Liverpool.  Here’s a look of the top 20 point scorers, it looks more or less the same as FPL although you can see the impact of the removal of bonus points and inclusion of impact points:


Fouls / Cards – try not to pick players that foul / pick up a lot of cards or you’ll end up losing a lot of points.

GKs –  although you do get save points, they’ll generally get offset if the team concedes more than two.  I would focus on GKs with solid defences and it’s probably worth going premium in this game.


Fanteam points scoring


If you spend a reasonable amount of time on FPL then you should definitely consider having a crack at this game, the potential winnings could be life changing and you’re not really spending any additional effort in order to participate.

Sign up now and don’t forget to follow the instructions in order to get your 2 months free membership.

I will be posting drafts, strategy guides and other articles in the next few weeks.

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