Who better to learn from than the reigning FPL Champion? Joshua Bull reveals his Gameweek 1 team, captain and plans here exclusively for Fantasy Football Hub members. 

Last season was a bit of a rollercoaster, and I was amazed to end up anywhere near the top of the overall rankings, let alone being declared the champion! Last year was the first season that I've really paid attention to the game and done my best to play it properly, rather than my usual strategy of forgetting about my team during Gameweek 3. I can confirm that that's not a good strategy! I was pretty pleased with how everything turned out (understatement), but I'm fully aware that getting to the top requires not just strategic thinking and a wary ear trained on the FPL grapevine, but a hefty dose of good luck too.

Since the end of the season, I've become convinced that I am nothing less than a Fantasy Football God, and there is no possible way that that kind of confidence can come back to kick me in the arse this season. My newfound title has bought me untold riches, and I now spend an awful lot of time travelling between my new luxury yachts by helicopter. This has, naturally, given me a lot of time over the last few months to think hard about my team, to the point of trying to analyse my 2019-20 strategy with the mathematical modelling tools I use in my day job.

My philosophy last season was to build a team for the long term, not just for Gameweek 1, and it feels like there's more pressure than usual to get it right this time around. I've made many, many drafts so far, but this is the team that's been sat on my screen for at least 48 hours now without me feeling the need to change anything. I often end up making transfers quite close to the deadline, so this might not quite be the final iteration, but...on the eve of FPL finally returning, here's my current draft!

Joshua's Team

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