What is Jossy's Double Gameweek and Blank Transfer Planner?

Jossy's planner is super clever. Here are a few of its key features

  • Ability to upload your team and plan future moves
  • Easily track fixture difficulty for each of your players and future transfers
  • Access to three fixture tickers
  • Easily track double Gameweeks and Blank and how it will affect your team

How do I gain access?

To access Jossy's planner, you'll need to be a member. You can join hundreds of fantasy managers and gain 1-month site access to all our membership content for just £1 by using coupon code: JOSSY. Click here to become a member

You'll also gain access to LOADS of other content, including:

  • How To Win at FPL & Sky guides
  • FPL Player comparison tool
  • FPL Rate my team tool
  • Advanced Fixture Ticker
  • FPL watchlist tool
  • Key FPL stats tool
  • Team reveals from some of the best FPL players in the world
  • Minimum 50 extra articles each year
  • A forecasting model for FPL & Sky games
  • Ben Crellin’s FPL Planner