Jossy's clever member's planner has a number of key tools. 

Here is his dummies guide...

Fixture Tickers

There are three fixture tickers displaying different metrics, from top to bottom:

  • A basic fixture ticker based exclusively on the fixture difficulty of the opponent. This is the ticker used in the Team Planner section
  • The second ticker considers the variance between the difficulty of the opponent versus the strength of the relevant, taking into account the home/away fixture.
  • The third mirrors the more Fixture Difficulty Ranking (FDR) of the FPL site.

Identifying the team’s with the kindest fixtures over a specified GW period:

  • Above the tickers there is an entry field a start and end GW range, which enables you to select a spread of fixtures
  • The tickers will calculate the average fixture difficulty over the specified period
  • You can then easily highlight the entire fixture ticker table and select Data > Sort… from the Excel menu and sort the table by Average to arrange those teams with the easiest fixtures at the top of the ticker.
  • To revert the table back to the default layout simply sort again by the Team column

Team Planner

The planner allows you to populate your team selection, and see the upcoming fixtures for this team over a 7 GW period. You can plan your starting line-up in each GW and captain selections, perhaps highlighting gaps in your squad selection for upcoming weeks and aiding you planning of future transfers.

Building Your Team

  • Simply select your current team line-up to mirror your current team configuration. This is easily done by selecting the Team from a dropdown box, and then the Player from the adjacent dropdown, which will now only include players from the correct team.
  • Player prices should be entered manually. You enter the Current Price (CP) and the Price Paid (PP). The planner will then correctly calculate the Selling Price (SP) of each player. You should keep the Current Price updated when you get a price rise/drop, in order to keep an accurate view of your team’s Selling Value (SV) for transfer planning.
  • Checkboxes on the right-hand of each Gameweek’s breakdown allow you to easily highlight your planned bench players and captain pick, to help your planning
  • Enter your cash remaining In The Bank (ITB) in call C26. This will allow the spreadsheet to calculate your overall TV, and let you keep track of whether you have the required funds for future transfer plans

Information at Your Fingertips

  • The planner will now display your team’s opponents across the next 7 Gameweeks, with colour-coding to easily highlight kind or difficult fixtures.
  • A breakdown below each GW will show:
    • DGWers: A count of how many players have 2 fixtures (when we get there)
    • Blanks: A count of how many players have no fixture (when we get there)
    • Selling Value (SV): The total selling value of the current squad of 15
    • In the Banks (ITB): The funds remaining in your budget after any changes have been made to the proposed team that GW
  • There are also four text-layout team breakdowns below the weekly planner, which allow you to easily copy and paste into a familiar RMT format for sharing on any forum or chat group. This will default to the first GW displayed, but can be changed with the dropdown box in cell B30… when, for example, you want to share your DGW BB team, which is 4 weeks away. There are four layouts for your use:
    • Simple team layout with bench separated
    • Simple team layout with bench separated (fixtures included)
    • Full squad layout without bench separation
    • Full squad layout without bench separation (fixtures included)

Planning Your Transfers

The spreadsheet allows you to tweak the team in each future Gameweek, so you can see the fixture runs of your new proposed team. A few notes on this:

  • As with your initial team selection, simply use the dropdown boxes for Team and Player to select transfer targets for any future week.
  • The planner will calculate how much budget you have remaining below. If this is a negative figure, you do not have the cash for that transfer. NB. When planning transfers several weeks in advance do factor in that player prices may change before you get there
  • Any player who has been changed to reflect a transfer will be highlighted in red font.
  1. Please note once you start overtyping the player formula, which reference the previous week, you’ll need to put them back. In case you manage to mess up the formulas with your copy/paste it might be worth keeping an original.

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