Lots of FPL and Sky leagues flying around, so thought I’d create a space where they can all be collated into one place.

Please add your own in the comments below.

Here are a few to kick things off…

FPL leagues

Fantasy football hub

Prize: Cash prize plus FFH membership

Code: 1396-1927

Auto-join link

The Hype Train

£100 prize

League code: 5934-1917


Fantasy Football Community

£225 prize for this one. Great offer from Holly and the team!

League Code: 1739-786

Auto Join:  

Who Got The Assist Zombie Nation League


Do NOT enter your real team.

League code: 280665-58277


Connect’s £100 league

Must follow FPL connect and RT to be eligible for prize

Always cheating

No prizes, but always good fun with Josh and Brandon.


Sky Sports Fantasy Football Leagues

Fantasy football hub

Free league (link): 8366876

£5 League (link): 8366879 Password: FFH5


Sky Podcast league

£2 entry, won the league of leagues prize a few times.

Tim Barry

Always gets a good prize pool


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