Liam Dorrian is an experienced Sky Fantasy Football manager and recently achieved the seemingly impossible, finishing 1st overall in 2019/20 and winning a life-changing £50,000. Liam has been a Fantasy Football Hub member for three years and is now a contributor for the 2020/21 season where he will regularly share his strategies and thoughts exclusively for our members. Liam is also active in our WhatsApp groups for Premium Members. Today, he shares his Sky overhaul tips for Fantasy Football Hub members.

Looking ahead to the Overhaul


Four weeks into the season and it has been the craziest start to the season I can remember; some score-lines have left me scratching my head. I am relieved the overhaul is here, so I can get rid of my underperforming players and my Southampton block defence. I still haven't gotten over Spurs scoring five past them but at least they made up for it with two clean sheets after that. For defenders, in general, it was a poor first four Gameweeks with last year's top four only keeping two clean sheets between them. As the season progresses I do expect the number of clean sheets will start to pick up. Liverpool only kept two clean sheets in their opening 15 games last season and Van Dijk still ended up being the second highest scoring player in the game. I firmly believe you need at least one premium defender in your team with the big team's defenders' ability to hit tier two passing regularly equal to getting an assist every game. I also wouldn’t have any more than two cheap defenders in your team with Dallas, Lamptey and Konsa look good options. When picking your goalkeeper and defenders you need to pick them for the long haul rather than the short term. The fewer transfers you use on them the more you focus your transfers on midfielders and strikers who will score the big hauls.

sky overhaul tips

Lamptey has been very impressive in the opening Gameweeks


Moving on to midfield and the big question for most people is Bruno or no-Bruno. I plan to have Fernandes in my team as we saw in his last two games, he can play poorly but still end up scoring you points and I'd rather own him than not own him. There is a strong rumour that De Bruyne might miss the Arsenal game, but I plan to leave him in regardless if he is out; hopefully, Pep can give us some information in his Friday press conference. I do have the option of replacing the Belgian with Grealish and get a 2-0. I will be avoiding Chelsea attacking midfielders for now. With Havertz and Ziyech new to the league, I think it will take them a while to settle in. Pulisic is a brilliant player and at 22 he will be improving every season, but his inability to stay fit for a prolonged period is a worry. With a hectic schedule ahead for Chelsea with Champions League commitments, I think Frank will have to be careful with him which might lead to rotation. For mid-priced midfielders, there are so many options such as Barnes, Antonio, Grealish, Hojbjerg, Allen, and Rodriguez. It's a lucky dip with most of them midfielders as they are all good options and have had great starts to the season. I particularly like Hojbjerg at £7.4m as he can bring in a steady stream of points and is relatively cheap.

sky fantasy football tips

To Bruno or not to Bruno, that is the question


It's going to be a challenge picking my strikers this overhaul as I have currently have 12 options that I could fit into three spots. I have many dilemmas about whether to pick Kane or Son and Salah or Mane. I will make use of my two teams to have different strikers in both. I would avoid going with three big hitters up top as it would mean your midfield and defence could suffer. I suggest going with two big hitters and a cheap striker to get a more balanced team. This season with the number of goals being scored already it means there are many non-premium striker options. We have mid-priced strikers such as Son, Calvert-Lewin, Jiménez, Ings and in the cheap category, we have Watkins, Bamford and Maupay to name but a few. Even one premium and two mid-priced strikers could work well. There are so many possibilities you just need to go with your gut instinct and hope for the best. One player who didn't make the cut for my 12 possible strikers was Werner. The German was a huge disappointment for me and many other managers as I had high expectations after his big money move from RB Leipzig; it just hasn't worked out so far. He only managed an assist and one tier shot bonus even though Chelsea scored 10 goals. I think he might come good but won't be anywhere near my teams for now.

skyff tips

Could Ings still be a decent overhaul option?

My Rank

My two teams scored 316 and 317 points respectively which leaves me around 20k overall. I'm not too worried about my position after four weeks especially after looking at the average transfers left and the leaderboard being so congested. After the same number of Gameweeks last season, I was around the same position so don't feel too disheartened if you didn't do well. We still have 34 Gameweeks left so plenty of time to climb the leaderboard. After the overhaul is when the race for 50k gets going and transfer management is going to be so essential this season. My target for Christmas day is 28 transfers and I plan to stick to it as much as possible. 

Here is a list of players to avoid and to bring in.

Players to Avoid


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