This is a brand new members series from Richard Clarke, an FPL veteran and all-time great of the game. His full-season history is something to behold and can be view below. 

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Richard Clark FPL Record

Hi all,

Thanks for reading my column. My name is Richard Clarke and I have been an addicted FPL player for many years now, guilty of spending far too much time looking at my squad, upcoming fixtures and in recent times, trying to keep up with the surge in information that is now out there to consider.

I’ve got a good record in the game and I’m proud of it – reaching a peak of being ranked #1 overall in the FFScout Live Hall of Fame rankings in October last year for a brief period.  After this ‘High’ (really meant a lot to me!) I have experienced quite a roller-coaster season, getting into to the Top 10k twice and then dropping back after Christmas before clawing myself back to just inside the Top 20k prior to GW27. In order to make Geoffrey Boycott proud and ‘save my average’ I need a good finish!  I’m aiming to share my strategy and thoughts over the coming weeks with the FFHub community, so it may help members understand how I play the game during the critical periods...