Paddy Power have just launched their brand new daily fantasy game, with cash prizes on offer every single day of Premier League action!

It’s essentially like having a Free Hit to use every time there’s a new set of games. There’s some huge prizes on offer, plus head-to-head contests and you can even set up competitions against your mates too!


Here at Fantasy Football Hub, we are going to be getting involved in the big money contests and sharing plenty of tips to help you play and win too.

We are entering the Blue Ribbon tournament for Gameweek 8 – the £18K Saturday EPL Wonder Strike. There’s £18,000 of prizes guaranteed to be won, with 1st place scooping a massive £3,000.  We will also be entering the 50/50 Contest where you effectively double your money if you finish in the top half out of 10 players.



Why Play Daily Fantasy Sports?

You spend a considerable amount of time on the Premier League, you’re aware of fixture difficulty, you research and analyse player stats then you put all of your effort into a single game or two (Fantasy Premier League and possibly Sky).  Some of you like to chase Overall Rank, but for me the most fun aspect is participating in the mini leagues I’ve entered and the thrill of winning some money.  It’s a nice feeling to get rewarded for all the effort you put into something and this is a great opportunity to monetise your hobby.

The Rules

Depending on what time kick-off you go for, there are various different entries, but they all have the same rules. Like any new game, having a clear grasp of the rules is vital to getting an edge over your rivals.

There’s £100 million budget, with seven players to select (one goalkeeper, two defenders, four midfielders/forwards). The prices change each week and are weighted with the better players with the easiest fixtures having the highest, so it’s a challenge to get the balance right.

As well as gaining points for goals, assists and clean sheets, players are awarded points for blocked shots, chances created, clearances, interceptions, shots on goal and tackles.

Goalkeepers are deducted points for each goal conceded but can accrue big points per save and for being on the winning team. Some tactical decisions could come into play here.

Paddy power point-scoring rules

Scoring – what do I need to pay attention to?

Several aspects of the scoring are similar to what you’re used to from playing Fantasy Premier League or similar games, but there are a few differences that you need to pay attention to if you want to do well at this game:



The bulk of the points come from a Clean Sheet (CS) and a win.  The points from three saves do almost equate to a Clean Sheet, but these can quickly be reduced by goals conceded and ultimately you should be trying to focus on as asset that is likely to win.



The formation forces you to choose two defenders.  They benefit from the same aspects that an attacker is rewarded for, but they also get an additional five points for a CS (but no deduction for goals conceded).  Someone like TAA / Robertson for Liverpool is ideal in this scoring system, as they have a solid defence, they will get rewarded for any attacking returns and will also pick up quite a few Clearances, Blocks, Interceptions (CBI) and Tackle points.



Typically you look for players that score and assist, which is the bread and butter of a fantasy asset.  However, you can really rack up the points if you’ve got a midfield battler that gets a lot of CBI and tackles or a frequent and accurate shooter.  Just three shots on target scores the same as a goal.  To illustrate this, take a look at the scores from these two types of player:


Midfield General – Ndidi



20+ points is generally a decent score, if you review his game against Bournemouth he didn’t score or assist and you can see that his points all came from his CBI, tackles and chances created.


Accurate Shooter – Deulofeu


Against Arsenal he only got an assist (seven points) so how did he rack up such a high score?  This is mainly from his Shots on Target (4 x 5 = 20) and his chances created (3 x 8 = 24).


Scoring – how do I utilise stats to help make my decision?

Using Fantasy Football Hub’s OPTA stats you can create customised tables to help you to identify the best assets for each position.  I have transferred the information to Excel, as I want to filter out all of the players that don’t feature in the specific fixtures for this game.

Goal Keepers








General Game Strategy

Deadline – wait until as late as possible (check the team news) before finalising your team.  You only have seven players and no substitutes, so you can’t afford to have any players missing.


Stacking – it’s hard enough to get a CS these days, so a sensible tactic is to stack your goalkeeper and two defenders that way if one of them gets a CS then all of them do.


Contrarian v Template – when there’s a typical big team in an easy fixture the majority of players will be targeting assets from that fixture, however in this type of game the goal is to get the highest possible score and going against the majority by fading some of the most well owned players can be a winning strategy.  A template team will rarely win a multiplayer tournament because it will be too similar to other teams.


Bankroll Management

Overlay – the biggest game is an £18,000 guaranteed tournament that is capped at 5,357 £4 entries.  If the number of entries is less than 4,500 then there will be free money added to the tournament and that is the overlay.  The bigger the overlay the more value there is in participating.

The multiplayer tournaments pay out amazing prize money, but the variance is crazy and the chances of winning are relatively low.

One way to facilitate regular tournament entries is to hedge your bets by dual entering the 50/50 contest  The team structure and scoring is identical, so once you’ve done your research you can replicate your entries.  An entry of £5 puts you up against 10 other players and the top five will win £9, which effectively covers the cost of your entry to the £18,000 guaranteed tournament.


£18K Sat EPL Wonder Strike (£3K to 1st)

The tournament we’ll be covering here is for the seven games from the afternoon kick-offs on Saturday, with prize money given out to the top 1191 entrants. Finishing in the prize spots will guarantee you at least double the very reasonable £4 entry fee.




Clean Sheet Odds

Star Man: Norwich v Aston Villa – Teemu Pukki

Norwich has the standout fixture of the weekend, they face a Villa side that have conceded 18 shots on target Away from Home this season.  Pukki not only has a great Home Goal record, but he also has a whopping 15 shots on target this season, which should really boost his score.

He weighs in as the 5th most expensive player in the game, behind Mane, Salah, Firmino and Haller . Costing £18million, he does take up 18% of your funds on one of seven players to select. However, we believe he presents great value, when you consider his stats and fixture.


Goals Galore: Norwich v Aston Villa – Pukki, Buendia, Grealish & McGinn

Norwich have scored nine and Villa have eight this season, which is a bit underwhelming, however they’ve conceded 16 and 11 respectively, which indicates that both sides are relatively leaky and neither have kept a Clean Sheet at their respective locations this season (i.e. Norwich at Home or Villa Away).

Pukki has been highlighted above, his partner in crime Buendia has four assist to his name already plus he’s created 17 chances and made three blocks.

For Villa their midfielders offer the best chance of returns with McGinn scoring three goals and one assist, he also has 11 shots on target.  Grealish only has two assists to date but has created 17 chances, made eight blocks and has won 28 fouls.


Clean Sheet Stack: West Ham v Crystal Palace – Jimenez, Cresswell, Diop

West Ham have already recorded three CS this season.  Losing Fabianski is a massive blow and there’s a risk that this could impact on the solidarity, but they face a Crystal Palace side that has an Away xG of 2.68 and have only scored two goals Away all season.  Milivojevic is out, so they don’t even have the certainty of their penalty taker.

Fabianski has made 20 saves this season and Jimenez should generally be able to perform similarly, which will boost his points.  Cresswell already had two goals this season and Diop is Mr Reliable with 181 successful passes, 29 clearances, four blocks, 12 interceptions and 10 tackles won.



New Customer offer, min £5 deposit. Your qualifying entry will be your first settled paid entry. No refund will be applied if you finish in the prize positions. Refunds will be processed within 48 hours after the contest has settled. Max £20 refund. T&Cs apply.


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