Welcome to “On the Cheap,” a new article series that will utilise the Fantasy Football Hub Comparison Tool to analyse the differences between affordable, similarly-priced FPL options.

This week, we focus our attention on two young, up-and-coming midfielders who play for strong offensive teams and offer huge potential at a decent price: Harvey Barnes and Mason Mount. Which one is the stronger FPL option at the moment? Let’s take a look at their statistics, form, and fixtures to determine who has more potential for your squad.

The Comparison

When you look at the numbers across the entire season, Mount appears to be the smarter option; this is why focusing on recent form is so important when making decisions about who to bring into your team. Once we adjust the Comparison Tool to look at form over the last 6 gameweeks, Barnes seems to become the more ideal option.


Player Comparison

Which is the better option?

Player Comparison

Fantasy Football Hub Player Comparison Tool


These players are quite similar when it comes to some basic overall stats, but digging deeper, we see that Harvey Barnes offers more incentive for the impending gameweeks. Although Mount has scored five goals over the season, Barnes has netted three of his four goals in just the last five gameweeks. Additionally, he achieved an xG of 1.98 over the last six gameweeks compared to Mount’s xG of 1.21.

When it comes to assists, Mount has the advantage. Although Barnes has a higher season assist total, Mount has achieved an xA of 1.37 over the last six gameweeks compared to Harvey Barnes’ xA of 0.68. Mason Mount sent in 23 crosses in that period, more than double the amount of crosses from Barnes.

In regards to minutes, they are very similar. Again, over the last six, they have both only managed to play 90 minutes three times. Even though Mount has played 60+ minutes five times compared to Barnes who played 60+ only four times, Barnes has actually exceeded Mount in total minutes played over that period. (454 vs 436). It’s a minimal difference, and it highlights the similarity of these two options. It’s a tough call, but Barnes just edges out Mount in many areas.

Player Comparison

The Stats Comparison


We can see again how evenly matched they are when we look at their expected FPL points. Over the last six games, Barnes achieved an xPTS total of 27.61 versus 27.03 for Mount. It goes to show that, even though Mount is more focused on assists, he has strong potential to match Barnes point-for-point in the end.

Both players have strong upcoming fixtures. Five of Chelsea’s next seven games are rated 2 on the fixture difficulty scale; for Leicester, they face the same FDR for their next four matches. If you’re looking for a player to hold for the rest of the season, Mount may be the better option in regards to fixtures; Barnes will face Arsenal, Tottenham, and Manchester United in their last five fixtures of the season.

The Conclusion

When it comes down to it, they both offer huge appeal and the decision to bring one of them into your squad may very well come down to ownership percentage. Both players offer an affordable midfield option on a strong, offensive-minded squad that is having a generally good season. Even though Leicester and Chelsea have had their dips of form throughout the season, they both provide great goal potential and surround these two players with talented teammates. Although Mason Mount’s ownership percentage of 15.4% is appealing, it doesn’t come close to the differential advantages Harvey Barnes offers at just 3% ownership.

With greater goal potential, stronger short-term fixtures, and a huge differential ownership percentage, Harvey Barnes would be my choice in this comparison. Both players are at risk of missing starts and potentially playing less than 60 minutes, but they’re also integral to their squads and are likely to get significant minutes. They both offer young energy, creativity, and explosiveness in the midfield. Hopefully, you can utilize these numbers to make your decision.

Of course, no decision can be considered correct until it’s too late! Good luck.

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