Paddy Power have recently launched their new daily fantasy game, with cash prizes on offer every single day of Premier League action!

Here at Fantasy Football Hub, we are going to be getting involved in the big money contests and sharing plenty of tips to help you play and win too.

We are entering the Blue Ribbon tournament for Gameweek 18 – the £12K Saturday EPL Wonder Strike. There’s a £12,000 prize pool guaranteed to be won, with 1st place scooping a tidy £2,000.  We will also be entering the 50/50 Contest where you effectively double your money if you finish in the top half of players and the £1.5k Sat EPL Free Play (with the top 1,500 winning a prize).

Why Play Daily Fantasy Sports?

You spend a considerable amount of time on the Premier League, you’re aware of fixture difficulty, you research and analyse player stats then you put all of your effort into a single game or two (Fantasy Premier League and possibly Sky).  Some of you like to chase overall rank, but for me the most fun aspect is participating in the mini leagues I’ve entered and the thrill of winning some money. It’s a nice feeling to get rewarded for all the effort you put into something and this is a great opportunity to monetise your hobby.

I strongly urge you to at least try out the Free Play event to get a feel for the game and to potentially win some money for nothing by utilising your existing knowledge and skills.


Daily Fantasy Rules and Strategy

We won’t be going through the rules and strategies this week, take a look back at the Gameweek 8 article if you want a thorough breakdown of how these differ from Fantasy Premier League and other Fantasy games.


£12K Sat EPL Wonder Strike (£2K to 1st)

The tournament we’ll be covering here is for the four games from the afternoon kick-offs on Saturday, with prize money given out to the top entrants. Finishing in the lowest prize spots will guarantee you at least double the very reasonable £4 entry fee.



Gameweek 18 Fixtures


Clean Sheet Odds

Gameweek 18 – Clean Sheet Odds


Scoring – how do I utilise stats to help make my decision?

Using Fantasy Football Hub’s OPTA stats you can create customised tables to help you to identify the best assets for each position.  I have transferred the information to Excel, as I want to filter out all of the players that don’t feature in the specific fixtures for this game and I’m looking at the last four Gameweeks.



Gameweek 18 – Goalkeeper Stats



Gameweek 18 – Defender Stats



Gameweek 18 – Forward Stats


Daily Fantasy – My Lineup

Daily Fantasy Tips

Gameweek 18 – Lineup 1


Daily Fantasy Tips

Gameweek 18 – Lineup 2

Goalkeeper / Defence

Guaita (£11) is an absolute save and clearance magnet, Crystal Palace have a 32% chance of keeping a CS and Newcastle are likely to be without Saint-Maximin still which makes them even less likely to score.

With no points awarded for a CS I’ve gone for the attackers that have high number of Shots on Target (SoT) and Chance Creation (CC) registered.  Webster (£13) looks immense so he features on both drafts then I’ve gone with Stevens (£11) – two SoT and four CC and Doherty (£13) – two SoT and CC as the partner.  Doherty’s stats aren’t as good, but he has the easier fixture.



The main differences in the Lineups comes in the attack:

Lineup 1 

KDB (£22) absolutely dominates the stats SoT and CC, but he does come at a premium and he faces a resolute Leicester.  I think Wolves have the easiest fixture so I’ve double down on Jimenez (£17) and Jota (£13) who both have excellent SoT and CC stats.  Finally, Groß (£13) is my enabler, but he does have an impressive 14 CC.

Lineup 2

Excluding the pricey KDB allowed me to take a punt on what I believe will be a very open game, as both sides have terrible defences.  Grealish (£18) doesn’t have amazing stats, but he wins a lot of fouls and he is the talisman for Villa.  They need to get something from this game and he’s their most likely source.  On the flipside, JWP (£16) looks to be ideal, as Villa have conceded seven set piece attempts and 14 headed attempts on goal in their last four Home games which is where he can exploit them.  Jota (£13) has been included again because he offers excellent value for money in a great fixture.  Finally, Maupay (£16) is my alternate to Groß and with the amount of shots he takes, as long as they’re on target he should rack up the points regardless of whether he scores or not.


50 / 50 (£10 entry)

I will be re-entering my Wonder Strike lineup into a 50 / 50 entry as a hedge to fund future tournament entries and the Sat EPL Free play.  This requires zero effort, as I can just select to use my existing team.


I will update you on my progress after the weekend to identify what went well and what we can learn from for next time.



The entries didn’t do so well this week:

What went well?

  • Key Assets were identified – spread across the two entries we had KDB, Jimenez, Grealish and JWP who all performed well. A combination of the four would probably have been enough to get us in the money.

What can we learn from?

  • Likely to play 75+ mins – players like Groß looked good on paper, but he’s not 100% guaranteed to stay on the pitch when the manager wants to change things and you can’t afford to have a player that gets brought off early.
  • Clean Sheet – you don’t get many points from your goalkeeper so you really need to nail the one that gets a Clean Sheet.


What was the winning team?


What can we learn from their entry?

  • Big points come from chances created and shots on target – yes all of his attackers scored or assisted but they only got a single return from that avenue, the remainder of their points were from other elements and that’s what creates a monster score.
  • You need to nail the attack – this entry got a Clean Sheet from his Goalkeeper and average points from his defence but he won due to his attack.  You can afford for your defenders to not get that many points, as long as your attack gets the big points.

New Customer offer, min £5 deposit. Your qualifying entry will be your first settled paid entry. No refund will be applied if you finish in the prize positions. Refunds will be processed within 48 hours after the contest has settled. Max £20 refund. T&Cs apply.


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