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How many players do you have in your Fantasy Football team each week? 11, right?

Wrong! At least in the eyes of an experienced Sky FF manager.

There are two reasons for this: captains and transfers.


Captain ArmbandCaptains

In FPL you play 11 out of your squad of 15 each week, with 1 captain who scores double points. This equates to having 12 players scoring points.

The Sky game allows a captain change for each different Matchday. Therefore, with matches scheduled for Saturday, Sunday and Monday over a wekend, you might to be able to select the equivalent of 14-man team.

Taking the extreme example of Gameweek 37 from last year, where matches were played across a whole week from Friday to Thursday, it was possible to field 22 players!


Transfer left to rightTransfers

In FPL you have 38 free transfers to use, either singly or in pairs, throughout the course of the season. Managers must, however, use them between Gameweeks.

The Sky game allows transfers before and after each Matchday.

Again, this allows managers to bring in players according to when their teams play. For example, you could have Romelu Lukaku in your team on a Saturday then, with Manchester United facing trips to Stamford Bridge and Wembley in their upcoming fixtures, transfer him out for Alexis Sanchez prior to Arsenal hosting Crystal Palace on Sunday.


Green tickAnswer

So, going back the question of how many players do you have in your team each week?

With good use of captains and transfers you can get close to 20!

Last year games were played on 107 days: prepared managers had a ton of opportunities for double points!




The key to being able to maximize your scoring potential is being at least one step ahead of everyone else.

I have created a handy spreadsheet designed to keep you abreast of these important details:

Your overall budget, remaining transfers available, plus – just as importantly – who is playing who and when!


Ian Parrin’s Sky Transfer Toolkit – April Fixture Update


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I will be preparing monthly articles designed to guide you through who to bring in and out of your Sky Fantasy Football team.

Next week: Octoberfest!

Shall we be celebrating with players that have joined our teams, or watching as they drown their sorrows after bombing them out??