In this weekly series of posts, I am going to manage an FPL team using the Hub’s RMT Tool. The idea is to help Hub members understand and use it better, as well as road test it in order to improve it over time.


Last week’s results (GW10)

GW10 was a bit more exciting, eh? Unfortunately, a red arrow was on the cards for the RMT Tool’s FPL team. 51 points scored was a smidge above the average of 49 but the team dropped in overall rank from 369K to 469K.


Elite Manager’s Results

A mixed week for the Elite Managers the tool tracks and uses at its core. An average score of 57 was decent and saw an overall rank climb from 797K to 751K. However, the variance in results was massive; a minimum score of 37 all the way up to a maximum of 83 points. Some big winners, but some equally big losers.


GW11 RMT Tool Analysis



Last week’s transfer of Dendocker to Cantwell needs to go down as a dud, mostly on my part. When comparing the different transfer options the tool suggests the “Triple Transfer” should always be considered as the more “forward-thinking” of them, i.e. the one planning furthest ahead with how to use transfers. Often the Single, Double and Triple transfer feature the same player or players which is a good sign. Another thing to consider (which admittedly the tool doesn’t do a great job with) is what might happen next week and where the template team may go.

Last week I wrote how Pukki’s continued downward trend would soon lead to the tool shifting him out. At the time the exit strategy was unclear so no move was made, but the main contenders in Raúl Jiménez, Callum Wilson and Jamie Vardy were known and are all more expensive than Pukki. Preparing for such potential transfers in advance is a key skill in FPL. Instead, I kept hold of Digne and dumped cash in signing Cantwell. Despite the Norwich man ballooning a big chance over the bar early doors, I think it was the contrarian in me hoping for something from the likes of him, Pukki and Digne when other managers have turned to brighter ports.

Resultantly this week I’ve needed to take a hit to stay on track and not miss out due both price rises and falls. Leicester’s destruction of Southampton promotes Jamie Vardy as the player to accompany Tammy Abraham upfront in the RMT Tool and Watchlist optimised team. The Foxes talisman was owned by 26% of the Elite managers last week and it’s predicted that this will rise to at least 50% and well enough to cement him as an important player in template moving forward. Pukki makes way of course, as do Otamendi and Digne with Tomori and Söyüncü coming in to replace them.


Wildcard Status

GW10 saw no wildcards played by Elite Managers so the total used remains at 70%. The RMT Tool team still has it’s on hand.


Team for GW11

The team and captaincy picks itself, with perhaps only a minor quibble on the bench order between Cantwell and Rico. This looks a great gameweek on paper, our eggs residing in a big basket we might want to call the “Top 3”. City, Liverpool and Chelsea are expected to finish in the top three league positions this season and all are up against pliable defences this week. Beyond this and looking ahead, we’ve now got decent Leicester representation, a side widely tipped to go on and claim fourth spot in the league. Of course, what’s expected has not transpired much this season but over the course there has to be confidence it will all come together. Good luck, and enjoy the football.



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