In this weekly series of posts, I am going to manage an FPL team using the Hub’s RMT tool. The idea is to help Hub members understand and use it better, as well as road test it in order to improve it over time.

Last week’s results (GW3)

Gameweek 3 scored us a pleasing 63 (-4) points versus the average of 44 and an OR increase from 1M to 530K. Our transfers of De Bruyne, Pukki and Cellabos (for Fraser, Wilson and Perez) paid an immediate points dividend plus a nice chunk of team value. As mentioned last week, De Bruyne and Pukki were the key transfers with Cellabos an enabler.

How the RMT Tool handles Injuries

This week seems a good time to mention how injuries are handled by the algorithm. If a player is red-flagged (i.e. classed as unavailable by FPL) he is given a zero rating by both the Watchlist and RMT tool. This applies in particular to Anthony Martial this week who has dropped off the tool’s radar. Of course, the Frenchman is likely to be back as a great option after the International Break but the algorithm does not have this level of sophistication at the moment. Yellow-flagged players are not given a zero rating but have their rating reduced to 75%.


GW4 RMT Tool Analysis

As can be seen from the graphic below, last week’s transfers keep our RMT score at a healthy 95%, meaning we are close to the optimised template base on elite manager’s picks. This optimised team and individual player rankings can be found at any time using Fantasy Football Hub’s Watchlist Tool.




We can also see last week’s transfer of Cellabos looks to be a bit of a dud, with the sale of the Arsenal midfielder suggested for Todd Cantwell. The “+1% transfer strength” (increase to the RMT score) is only a small one but, in all honesty, this was a slight error in the algorithm’s transfer predictions last week. In the absence of other information, the algorithm uses elements of team strength and player value as a proxy for expected performance and this is something we’ll refine moving forward.

Whilst’s Cantwell’s GW3 points would be welcomed, we’ll not be making any decisions based on that. As mentioned last week, we’ve eyeballed a “+5%” transfer as one worth making so will continue to use that as our benchmark. And, with no transfer passing that mark, the RMT Team shall be holding its transfer this week. The team (below) picks itself really. Sterling (C).



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