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In this weekly series of posts, I am going to manage an FPL team using the Hub’s RMT tool. The idea is to help Hub members understand and use it better, as well as road test it in order to improve it over time.

Last week’s results (GW7)

GW7 was probably the first proper bad week for the RMT Tool’s team – 42 points, 9 below the average, and a gameweek rank of 5.7M. Ouch. This brought a red arrow and an OR drop from 274K to 531K. Not too bad really, all things considered.

Elite Manager’s Results

The elite managers fared okay although not great through GW7. A score of 51 bang on the average resulted in a small rank drop from 666K to 766K (median rank 377K from 370K). As with the RMT Team, another captain fail in Mo Salah certainly contributed. 50% of the elite managers backed the Liverpool man last week and he was the no.1 pick (with Sterling no.2, 26%).


GW8 RMT Tool Analysis

The above graphic is the latest analysis (from Friday eve) of the RMT Tool’s very own FPL squad, and it’s been a topsy turvy week as the head coach of the team! To begin with, we had an RMT Score of 90% and were overlooking a straight switch from Dendoncker to Cantwell. This move had a transfer strength of +2% which typically isn’t enough to warrant the use of 1FT (by our own guidelines).  Early midweek we had to hold our nerve somewhat with Dendoncker dropping in price and Cantwell rising for what will likely cost the team an eventual £0.2M. Through midweek the first news of De Bruyne’s injury broke and despite only a yellow flag initially, it seemed very possible that KDB would miss out; suddenly bringing in Cantwell to cover his absence seemed astute.

A day on in the life of an FPL manager, however, and rumours of a Cantwell injury surfaced. Another day passed and he is now yellow flagged and KDB himself has been red-flagged and ruled out of GW8. This brings me to one of the key flaws with the RMT Tool – it doesn’t read Ben Dinnery’s latest injury and team news! If it did, it may well conclude that Cantwell is probably going to play whilst De Bruyne is only out for the one game

Consequently, the tool offers up Riyad Mahrez as a straight swap for De Bruyne, and with a decent transfer strength of +4%. However, we don’t predict many of the elite managers actually selling KDB. Should City’s creative maestro return for GW9, as is expected, he’ll be a major contributor to the RMT optimised lineup. With the Mahrez transfer not quite passing the higher end of our recommended transfer strength (+5%) we’ll hold off any transfer this week and see where that takes us.

Wildcard Status

64% of the Elite Managers have now used their Wildcard (up from 52% last week). Aiming to do so around the 66% mark the RMT could certainly play its own wildcard this week but as you can see from the “Show My Wildcard” feature in the above graphic doing so for just 3 changes to the team would seem unwarranted. So the RMT Team will keep it’s Wildcard intact for the time being. Through this series of posts, I will try and determine further criteria for when to play a wildcard and hopefully build this into the tool (for example, an RMT score gain of at least 20% and 4-5+ changes).

Team for GW8

Below is the team. KDB starts, just in case. And I am preferring a 2 pointer from Dendoncker than Greenwood’s likely 1. Sterling is a straightforward captain choice this week so fingers and algorithms are crossed in hope that this brings in some overdue captain points. Good luck and may your arrows be green.



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