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In this weekly series of posts, I am going to manage an FPL team using the Hub’s RMT tool. The idea is to help Hub members understand and use it better, as well as road test it in order to improve it over time.


Last week’s results (GW8)

As for most fantasy managers, GW8 was a rather lacklustre affair for the RMT Tool’s team. We accrued 42 points, 6 more than the average, and enough for a small climb up the rankings from 531K to 444K.


Elite Manager’s Results

The RMT Tool score is never too far from the average amongst the elite managers we track and are core to how the tool selects players. Last week the elite managers scored 41 points on average. Their mean overall rank improved slightly from 766K to 713K, the median rank from 377K to 369K.


GW9 RMT Tool Analysis



Our RMT Score has dropped a bit over the International Break as Teemu Pukki’s rating has fallen. The algorithm predicts a good number of transfers out from elite manager’s teams for the Finn with Callum Wilson the main beneficiary. We still have a healthy 91% score, however, so as usual no major surgery is required.

Our transfer then is a simple one that has been on the cards for a few weeks; Zinchenko out and Otamedni in. This is hardly a move to set a fantasy manager’s pulse racing but such is the life of an algorithm team – heady rushes of blood still very much the domain of organic life.

As you can see from the “Triple Transfer” and “Show My Wildcard” in the above graphic though, the tool is looking ahead at Callum Wilson who is, as mentioned, a big climber in the ratings this week. The Bournemouth striker should be on your radar if you are keen to get ahead of the curve.


Wildcard Status

None of our elite managers used their WC last week so the status is unchanged; 64% used so far. And with the analysis not providing any justification the RMT Tool holds onto its own wildcard for the foreseeable.


Team for GW9

So, to the team for GW9. Tammy Abraham wears the armband thanks as usual to astute voters in @FFootballHub’s regular captaincy poll which has aligned perfectly with the elite manager’s own preferred choices each week so far, albeit with mixed results to date. Best of luck, enjoy the football.




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