This new series will dissect the latest happenings within the Premier League, and use those understandings to advise readers’ on who I believe will be the best acquisition to their SDT squad. I’ll be taking you through the latest injury news, discussing on-field relationships, evaluating form, highlighting FF market value and pondering impeding fixtures will all be assessed.

The series will include, one player in each position, defender, midfielder, an attacker, but also a ‘punt’ which is a player tied down with an element of risk. This analysis aims to give you a leg up on your friends and a step towards SDT greatness.

Defender – Marcos Alonso

Finding balance within defenders is of upmost importance, on one hand, you want a defender with good defensive skills to accumulate them defensive rewards, a solid attacking input is almost expected, especially when its concerning a wing-back.

Alonso excels at both. Under the watchful eye of Conte, this majestic football has an eye for detecting attackers movements, thus thwarting opposing attacks. His contribution up the opposite end of the pitch is equally admirable chipping in with six goals this season from left back. Possessing both an aptitude for defending and a regular architect of threateningly whipped-crosses adds to the list of skills at Alonso’s disposal. An all-encompassing modern wing-back with a knack for harvesting vital FF points for all smart enough to include him.

Form – Making his international debut last week will surely spike his confidence.

Fixtures – West Ham, Southampton, Burnley.

Value – £5.7m for a defender is inflated.

Underlying stats – Totalling 174 pts Alonso is the second highest earning defender. Additionally, Alonso has also scored the most free kicks this season, yes he’s a defender, yes buy him.

Midfielder: David Silva

The evergreen Spanish maestro has been dancing in around the defensive lines his whole career and few have developed the defensive measures to stop him – the chief conductor of the Manchester City orchestra. With United being the visiting team and the stakes being so high, it’s fairly safe to predict that the bus will be firmly parked by the Red Devils, therefore creativity is paramount and Silva appears to hold the key that unlocks all possible doors; David Silva take to the floor.

Form – Silva has flexed his goal-scoring muscles recently, sternly punishing teams in and around the box. His consistency can’t honestly be doubted with 11 assists this season and is a reliable talisman from the peak of the midfield set-up. A succession of tough fixtures are scheduled for City but with the league title 3 points away the immediate future looks bright as should their performances.

Fixtures – Manchester United (home), Tottenham (away) and Swansea (home).

Value – Valued at an absurdly inexpensive fee of £5.4m, for context both PFA player of the year shortlists Salah £10.4m, KDB £8m. David Silva is selected by 8.4% of users on The Sun, I see some real value in that acquisition.

Underlying stats – Averaging 11.2 points within his last 5 games, Silva is not only performing superbly but also transforming the style into substance supplying fantasy footballer punters with them all valuable assists and goals. Scoring a brace against Stoke before the international break, Silva is looking better than ever!

Striker: Roberto Firmino

‘Brazilian Bobby’ has made many naysayers look ridiculous with his dynamic movement, intelligent link-up play, and his unfazed temperament when it comes to sticking the ball into the back of the net. Firmino within the fantasy football world may often be overlooked because of the alternative attacking i.e Kane (probably won’t be fit to start) and Aguero, but with them, FF fans’ favourites injury stricken, then the outstanding other has to be Firmino. The Liverpool starlet routinely utilities his high footballing IQ and with each passing game telepathically connects to his teammates rendering him a prized asset to Liverpool and should be an unforgettable asset to your FF team.

Form – Truly establishing himself within the top echelon of Premier League strikers.

Fixtures – Everton, Bournemouth and West Brom.

Value – £6.9m is costly but you get what you pay for.

Underlying stats – Goals Per Match – 0.45 with 7 assists. Gives a clearer picture when you consider Kane has just 2 assists. One of the highest assists and goals combinations in the league. With the luxury of Mane’s and Salah’s electric pace bursting into defensive channels, often the game unravels in a way that permits Firmino to sprinkle some intricacy into the final third, expressing his charitable attitude towards football whilst ensuring his teammates never fall hungry.

‘The Punt’: Alexandre Lacazette

Arsenal has been wildly inconsistent this season, and that lack of consistency is the issue, not the quality, which would present a much more serious problem. Sparks of attacking prowess have been executed by Lacca showing signs of that devilishly devastating striker that was frequently on display at Lyon. Lacazette returned from injury on Sunday and was hot on his heels, scoring the 3rd goal in a 3-0 at home against Stoke. Lacazette and Aubameyang are two of the most revered strikers in Europe and using the last game as evidence the relationship seems to be taking shape – fruitful out comings should be expected.

Form – The reasons he’s the ‘punt’ is strictly down to inconsistency. After all, the stock-in-trade are points, strikers must be scoring or creating goals otherwise they’re effectively futile on FF.

Fixtures – Southampton, Newcastle, West Ham. All winnable games, perfect time to take this punt.

Value – If you’re looking to curb your clubs spending this week, Lacazette is valued at £3.3m an affordable price. With lots of fiercely competitive games being played elsewhere in the league, Arsenal’s Frenchman looks like a reasonable risk to take.

Underlying stats – Attention was drawn by the fixtures, you could make a strong case for the relegation of 2 of the 3 upcoming teams. Lacazette a penalty taker, inspired by his return from injury and his recent goal.

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