With 50k up for grabs for the 2020/21 season, former Sky Sports Fantasy Football champion Dan Cox has a first look at the new season's game and his current five best season-long picks.

Sky Sports Fantasy Football

2016-17 - 1st

2017/18 - 30th

2018/19 - 103rd

2019/20 - 447th

That’s my last four season's ranks, this season I need to get back to a top 100 finish and ideally a top 50 otherwise Will could be sending me my P45. I was happy to back up the winning season with a 30th the following season, and after missing out on a top hundred by a couple of points I still felt I was at the top of my game. Last season was very disappointing. I wasted too many transfers early on and the COVID outbreak certainly didn’t help matters. The lack of transfers at the eventual restart combined with having injured players to replace meant that once we were onto a game pretty much every day I became unstuck. Still, despite a disappointing season I still was only 95 points off a top 100 finish. Those of you that were with me last season also knew that at the end I was going against captaining the best option (i.e Fernandes) to go for a lesser owned player like Rashford to try and make a gain. This certainly didn’t help my final overall rank.

The bar used to be a top 100 but as more and more people start playing Sky and the existing managers start getting better I think that a top 500 might become the new top 100 to aim for. I have previously thought that I could achieve a top 100 with little effort but that’s certainly not the case anymore. I really do feel you need to play well all season now.

The new game has been released, hopefully you’ll have read the pre-season guides, listened to the Hub's Sky Podcast, checked out Ian’s transfer planner, studied the OPTA stats and picked yourself a starting XI. A quick note that the scoring has changed on tackles. Explained here:

New Tackle Bonus Rules

Previously the tackles bonus was awarded via ‘Successful tackles’ as defined by OPTA. This has now changed to ‘Total Tackles’ which is more lenient than 'Successful Tackles.

As you can see in the breakdown below, the changes don’t significantly increase Tier 1 achievement (+1) looking at last season’s stats but there will have been more players who achieved the Tier 2 total tackles when compared to the actual results using 'Successful Tackles' in the 19/20 season (+127).

19/20 actual “Successful Tackles”

  • Tier 1 (3 tackles) = 460
  • Tier 2 (4+ tackles) = 213

“Total Tackles” comparison using last season’s results

  • Tier 1 (4 tackles) = 461
  • Tier 2 (5+ tackles) = 340

We touched on the main beneficiaries in the Hub' Sky Podcast on Sunday 30th August and will be writing an article on this before the big kick-off.

Drafting a Team

I always like to pick a draft side before I see other peoples teams. It’s great to listen to opinions of players but when you actually see a team it can easily influence you.  I don’t like to put my draft team out as again I don’t want to make people change their mind or pick a player just because I have. It’s your team you’ve got to do your own thing. Plus my team will probably change countless times leading up to the big kick off. 


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