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Gameweek 18 Preview

The Premier League returns after a break for the FA Cup 3rd round and it’s a three gameday midweek with just six fixtures. It shouldn’t be too difficult to navigate through, however Thursday is causing a few issues with not many, if any, owning an Arsenal player. With only 12 teams playing there are going to be plenty of fantasy XI’s fielding just a handful of players. Whilst most people will play their Free Hit chip in FPL, Sky is a different beast...not to mention some last minute fixture changes.

So firstly I never look at it as an individual Gameweek and worry that I only have five players. I look at it over the two weeks and beyond and the most important thing for me is having the best captain each day. You wouldn’t want to make transfers just to bring in players just to field 11 players this week. Also, we’re all in the same boat so just go with it and again it’s more about getting the 3-1’s and 4-2’s over other teams. I made the Harry Kane to Jamie Vardy switch last week as Vardy had four matches in the time Harry Kane plays twice. My only worry is Kane faces Sheffield United and Fulham but I think I’d captain Kevin de Bruyne on those days anyway so I could make the move. Also Vardy in my eyes is the best captain on the 16th January and potentially even the 19th January. It could go either way but the fact he has more games and provided me with a more appealing captain swung it for me. However, I was more comfortable with it when Spurs were away to Villa and I was even more confident when that was looking in doubt. Personally I could have done without a plum tie with Fulham getting thrown into the mix.

This week isn’t too hard to get through. On Tuesday I’d imagine everyone will be on Bruno Fernandes and on Wednesday again De Bruyne will be a popular pick. Harry Kane now looks a great option vs Fulham too. The whole fixture switcharoo has been a bit of a head-scratcher. We now no longer have a Friday night game of Chelsea v Fulham so no need to hold onto Kurt Zouma if you wanted to move him on earlier. Aston Villa v Everton has also now moved out a day to the 17th January from the 16th.

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Zouma is no longer required for the captaincy day on Friday 15th January


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