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Well what an eventful week that was. Saturday was just the single game day of Aston Villa vs Newcastle and those that held onto Emiliano Martinez or Jack Grealish were rewarded. Others had to make moves to bring one of those back or just took the hit of 18/10 points. Some even brought in Ollie Watkins who scored well with a 12-pointer.

Tuesday was the stuff dreams are made of, well for those that filled up with Manchester City players anyway. I had Ruben Dias set as captain but I have to give credit to the current Sky champion. When I saw Liam Dorrian going for Cancelo in our Hub Sky WhatsApp group I thought I’ll have a bit of that and it was duly rewarded with a late switch. A 50 point captain is a very rare occurrence. Ilkay Gundogan who I’d mentioned last week was brought in by a lot of teams (8,679 from 21st - 28th January) and he brought an instant pay off with two goals. Luckily for non-owners he was taken off early in the second half.

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Cancelo delivered a 50 point captaincy on Tuesday evening

Wednesday brought us crashing back down to earth with a disappointing two pointer for Bruno Fernandes. To add insult to injury he was just two passes away from tier one passing bonus. He would have been the most selected captain with only 7 of the top 1000 not owning the Portuguese, so we’re all in the same boat. Jack Grealish was the stand out choice with his goal, shots bonus and Man of the Match award (14 points). Grealish was brought in by 11,601 teams in the last week (21-28 January); again I warned against taking him out when he was sold en masse.

Thursday was a tough one, Salah or Kane? I opted for Salah. All that debating over who to captain and they both returned the same. Nothing. To make matters even worse Harry Kane was substituted at half time with an ankle injury to both ankles. Now we have a major problem; what to do with him? It’s only three games until the overhaul so I’m reluctant to make a move but can you have a premium player sitting injured in your team? Many had Kane to cover next Thursday’s single game day against Chelsea.

Firstly Kane is in 81.4% of the top 1000 teams so there is a lot of us in the same boat. Do we hold him and hope he’s back for next Thursday? Do we go to Son who’s in 12.9% of the top 1000? I have concerns about Son with Kane out but it will cover a captaincy next Thursday, unless you are able to go to a Chelsea player. The strikers leave a bit to be desired and can you count on any of them to play all three? Timo Werner didn’t even feature against Wolves in midweek whilst Giroud started and was replaced by Abraham towards the end. We will get to see the Chelsea line up this Sunday but that’s no guarantee they’ll then start when you need them most on Thursday. Werner, Giroud and Abraham are all each in 0.1% of the top 1000 teams so they are certainly differentials. I think I’d rather switch to Thiago Silva who should guarantee passing bonus and is in just 0.4% of the top 1000. A lot will depend on your formation; if you're on a 5-3-2 then you're locked into a striker replacement.

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Kane looks to be set for a spell on the sidelines after injuring both ankles against Liverpool

If looking for a striker option, you could bring in Sadio Mane at 16% owned, Dominic Calvert-Lewin could also be an option at 4.8% owned or even Raheem Sterling at 10.7% owned. The main issue I’m guessing for most is the single game day. If I take Kane out I’ll have no one unless I opt for Son or one of the Chelsea strikers. I could go for a striker of another team and just skip the single game day but it’s a worry.

As we edge closer to the overhaul with just three games to go now for each team, I’m really against making any moves. I see it as a bit of a lockdown on transfers and my team; unfortunate phrasing I know. I don’t see the point in making a move with the overhaul on the horizon.

I’d still keep an eye on the fixtures as the games right before the overhaul between 6th-8th February are by no means set in stone with the FA Cup likely to impact some dates/times so just keep checking for any movement. The excellent Ian Parrin absolutely nailed the last set of games and his latest thoughts are that the Manchester United vs Everton game will move from February 8th and that potentially Leeds vs Crystal Palace will go in its place. I was going to move on Stuart Dallas but I’m going to keep hold of him just in case they end up with a single game day.

This weekend and midweek isn’t difficult to navigate in my opinion. A Manchester City player at home to Sheffield United or Bruno Fernandes away to Arsenal on Saturday. On Sunday Salah faces West Ham.

In midweek, Tuesday will be Bruno Fernandes at home to Southampton. Wednesday you can opt for Mohamed Salah at home to Brighton or a Manchester City player away to Burnley.

The week concludes with Chelsea v Tottenham - a tricky game now given Harry Kane’s likely absence.

People have been asking about my team so here it is. Sitting in 223rd and 234th with 1862 and 1859 points and 20 transfers left I’m really hoping to push on with it.


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