Hub contributor Shaun Thorpe shares his brilliant Sky Fantasy Football tips and Gameweek 3 analysis. He delves into the data from the opening weekend of fixtures to see who performed, who hit those important bonus tiers and who perhaps is creeping under the radar.

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Sky Fantasy Football Gameweek 2 Review

In this weekly article, I’ll be analysing all the key stats from the weekends fixtures as well as identifying trends both from fixture runs as well as those teams to potentially target as the season goes on. It’s about identifying those Sky Fantasy players and teams who are going to perform on a consistent basis either through form or fixtures.

I’ll start by showing at a top level which teams received the most points in Gameweek 2 overall, a base points per team will be 22 points (2 points per starting XI player) and from a total league perspective the base score is 470 points (440 points from starting XI players and 10 Man of the Match performances)

Total Points GW2

A total of 988 points were scored over the weekend which was slightly lower than the opening weekend, but it is something that can be monitored throughout the season. The standout teams were again, Chelsea and Liverpool with Manchester City at home to Norwich also proving fruitful.

With a few more weeks of data, we can also see which teams give up the most points over the course of the season.

The graph below shows us which teams scored the most bonus points over the weekend and also which type of bonus they came from.

Bonus Points GW2 via FF Stuff

There was a lot more correlation between the teams who scored the most points and those that scored well on bonus, as we approach overhaul it is definitely something to consider which teams consistently score the most points to target good fixture runs.

Bonus Points by Player GW2 via FF Stuff

Bonus Tiers GW2

The above data gives us a quick view of who hit the tiers each week, we will also keep running totals so we can see which players are those bonus magnets we want in our team (hopefully at reasonable prices), but it will also show us (specifically for passes and tackles) which players were just short of the level required.

As we can see Adam Webster (£7m) and Declan Rice (£7.4m) both had great weekends hitting Tier 1 tackles and Webster Tier 2 passing and Rice Tier 1. Chelsea continue to pick up bonus points all over the park. Everyone else who hit bonus points did it in just one type.

Those that fell just short this week include Harry Maguire (£9.4m) who just missed out on both tackles and passing, both Ruben Dias (£10.6m) and Cesar Azpilicueta (£9.3m) hit Tier 2 passing and were just 1 tackle away from Tier 1 there as well.

Bonus Points by Player GW1-2 via FF Stuff

However if we look at the chart above it shows us who is performing well overall in all games. Jorginho (£8.3m) and Sergi Canos (£7.3m) both look like ones to keep an eye on pre overhaul to see if they can maintain their form both hitting eight bonus points in two games, Canos especially could be a great enabler and one who could cover potential single day captaincies.

Interestingly four goalkeepers have hit Tier 1 and Tier 2 saves bonus over both games and all look good options come overhaul, five of the players with six bonus points are all CB but the interesting one is Youri Tielemans (£8.7m) who is another that warrants respect come the overhaul with so many ways to score points.

With only two games played it is hard to make too many assumptions but Aaron Cresswell (£8.3m) has been unlucky to just miss out on passing tier one twice.

Points per Million per Game

The chart above will become more useful over the course of the season but gives us a good way of comparing players at different price points. Purely takes points scored divided by the games they have played and the value they are in the game.

At this early stage some players have had one good game and it sways their numbers (Trevor Chalobah £7.5m) however it is already starting to show consistent players we can perhaps target post overhaul – Sergi Canos (£7.3m) and Said Benrahma (£7.8m) being two cheap enablers in the most difficult position to fill.

Team Updates – Sky Fantasy Football Tips

Team Review GW2

Another great week with my A team despite two captaincy semi fails, Bruno Fernandes (£11.8m) chipped in with a one pointer on Sunday to go along with the four scored by Mohamed Salah (£11.9m) on Saturday but luckily with a choice between Youri Tielemans (£8.7m) and Michail Antonio (£8.8m) on Monday and with last weeks 50/50 choice going against Antonio, I plumped for the target man and was duly rewarded.

The defence as a whole also came good with each of the 4 players getting a clean sheet and some sort of bonus points. The rest of the players also chipped in with Danny Ings (£9.1m) and Youri Tielemans (£8.7m) both scoring and my two midfielders hitting bonus as well.

In total 118 points for the gameweek and a current position of 570 is a great spot to be in with just one gameweek left before the overhaul, where things start to get really interesting. The B team is also doing reasonably well sitting in 16k.

Transfers – None.

Sky Fantasy Football Gameweek 3 Fixture Analysis

GW3 Fixtures

Captaincies are a bit less obvious this week with Liverpool playing Chelsea so it could be a chance, on the Saturday, to go a bit different. My shortlist will currently be Ruben Dias, Michail Antonio, Youri Tielemans or James Ward Prowse.

Sunday looks easier with only two options to choose between and given his ownership I will stick with Bruno Fernandes, if you had an attacking Tottenham asset they also look a good way to go.

Good Luck for Gameweek 3!

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