Going into the Monday night clash at Turf Moor, the gameweek had been one of my worst ever playing Sky Sports Fantasy Football. Sitting on a paltry 32 points and with my rank over doubled, I turned to Pope and Tarkowski for answers to my failing team. The Burnley duo duly delivered a much needed 28 point haul, almost the same as my entire squad had mustered over the weekend.

Sky fantasy football

Transfers Remaining: 25
In the Bank: 7.4m

Before the first ball had been kicked the gameweek had gotten off to a poor start with Kane and Coutinho, two of my big hitters, being ruled out. I made the decision to remove Kane for Richarlison, instead of my planned move of Lowe to Richarlison. This gave me two extra games out of Lowe and I get to see whether Kane is starting on Sunday. Although, having dispatched Real Madrid last night, its safe to assume that the Spurs marksman will be ready to take on Palace at Wembley.

Elsewhere, Tarkowski was a bit of an impulse transfer having seen Suttner benched yet again. I opted for him over the more popular Ward as he’s young and English, two qualities that often catch the eye of those dishing out MOTM awards. Removing Suttner does mean I’ll miss a captaincy in a couple of weeks, but in all honesty, I’m glad to see the back of him.

My move for Coutinho has been a disaster. With him set to miss the weekend’s action through injury, I’m certainly tempted to remove the diminutive Brazilian. However, with the international break looming and no obvious replacement, I’m likely to leave him in and reassess the situation next week.

Trying to preserve transfers

As a rough rule of thumb, I tend to try and stick to one transfer per gameweek. As we move into gameweek 13, I have used 15 transfers with one more planned for Kane and possibly another for Coutinho. That means I need tighten the ship and stop delving into the precious transfer kitty for a few weeks. The good news is that, once Kane is back, I’m happy with the team and have most of the captaincy options covered leading into the busy festive schedule. My goal is to reach Christmas day with 20 remaining.





I did have Coutinho penciled in for Saturday’s captaincy, but with the Brazilian unlikely to start, I’ll probably opt for Salah as Liverpool travel to struggling West Ham. As mentioned above, Kane will be coming in as captain on Sunday.

Other team

It was a close call but the majority of you voted to keep with this team last week, despite my other team being higher in the ranks. Its probably the right decision and hopefully I can begin to turn the fortunes of this team around.. starting this weekend!

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