With 50k up for grabs for at least two Hub members and just 31 points separating the current top ten, Sunday is going to be one hell of a rollercoaster. Former Sky Sports Fantasy Football champion Dan Cox runs down the last act of the season and gives five players to be considered for captaincy or if you still have any transfers remaining.


Sky Sports Fantasy Football - The Final Word

For most of us our seasons are done. I know I’ve been out of transfers and dropping rank continuously over the last couple of weeks. I find myself in 490th and playing with ten men due to Caglar Soyuncu’s red card against Bournemouth. I was aiming for a top 100, I’ll be lucky to scrape a top 500 now. I imagine Pep Guardiola feels the same, this season hasn’t been good enough and next season will be different. 

It’s been a really disappointing season. The coronavirus pandemic certainly hasn’t helped my cause but I can’t lay the blame fully at that. I’d used too many transfers early on and it left me painfully short at the final furlong. The players we had discussed on the Hub's Sky Podcast, Antonio, Pope, Sterling and Kane racked up the points while we were unable to do anything about it due to having no transfers. On the plus side I’d have brought in these players had I not used too many transfers earlier on so I’m pleased in a way that I was right on those players. I just need to manage my transfers better next season.

I’m bitterly disappointed about my rank this season and I’m more determined than ever to have a stellar season in 2020/21 and to again dine at fantasy football’s top table. A top 100 is non negotiable for me next season. It simply has to happen. 

Now to more pressing matters and the race for 50k. I’ve been watching this closely and I cannot believe how close it is; as mentioned there is just 31 points between the current top 10. I know when I won it I had a good 20 point lead on the last day and I believe Jason Barlow did when he scooped the 50k a year later. Last year was a very tight top three but I really do feel that anyone in that top 10 could win.

It all depends on hitting the right captain. Just six points separate the top three and the entire top ten has shifted about considerably this week. Liam Dorrian started the week with a 19 point lead over Derek Gillies and Arron Aulton was sixth, 34 points behind. But 43 points on Wednesday night now means Arron leads by a solitary point with Liam now in second. Martin Hunt was 9th on Monday morning 49 points off top but a really good Gameweek has seen him ascend to third.

Here is the current top 10 as we head into the final days action.

Current Sky Overall Leaderboard - Race to 50k

I even checked the leaderboard as far back as February the 7th and Derek was 3rd, Arron was 11th, Liam was 29th and Neil was in 30th so they’ve really held the pace despite the lockdown. Even Dane was in 56th. It also goes to show how much the others have gained over that period.

I’d just like to wish everyone involved at the top all the best and you should be really pleased with such a good season. And if things don’t go your way, we go again next season. 

As mentioned if you do have any transfers left here are some players I’d consider bringing in:

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