We are delighted to announce that our members' Sky league now has a cool £500 cash prize!

How do I enter?

All you need to do is be a paying member and retweet this tweet

How much is it to enter?

It's free.

What is the payout structure?

1st place: £400 plus free premium membership
2nd place: £75 plus free regular membership
3rd place: £25 plus free regular membership

Don't have a Twitter account?

To be eligible for the prize, you'll have to create one and retweet this tweet. If we didn't ask members to do this, we wouldn't be able to give such a big prize. If you'd prefer not to be eligible for the prize, you can still join in for fun.


  1. Must be a paying member for the whole season
  2. Must share on social media
  3. You can enter both your teams
  4. Last entries will be Sept 30th

Where can I get Sky Fantasy Football tips?

Our essential Sky Fantasy Ultimate Guide, written by the very best Sky fantasy players, gives you the best Sky Fantasy 2021/22 tips and content to help you become a better fantasy football manager and dominate your mini-leagues.

What is the £500 league pin?

Dominate at Fantasy Football
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