Week four sees the first overhaul period for your Sky fantasy football team.  This means you can make unlimited transfers that will not count towards your 40 season long transfers.  A good reset will set you up for the season ahead, so it is vital to take time to select your new team.

Before resetting your team it is worth remembering a few important strategic points:

The 40 transfers for the season are valuable.
Want a player for each match day (to captain and achieve double points)

Overhaul strategy
Last season, I assumed it was best to select a team that will have player for each match day, for as many game weeks as possible and hence minimise the need for transfers. The problem with this is that you can fill your team with poor quality players that hurt you each week, who may end up being injured or dropped before a single match-day.

With the experience of last season, I’m going to change my strategy. This is to be conscious of single and double match days, but no...