If you're a complete novice, we'd recommend checking out the How To Play Sky Game first.

Part 1 – Picking an XI

Formations and Team Structure 

Sadly, there is no golden formation in Sky sports fantasy football, each season is different and your formation should change and evolve as the season progresses. This article by Carl is an excellent read on where you should spend the cash when it comes to your Sky fantasy football team and hints that there is more value in defence.

Despite Carl's excellent work, we advise not to jump straight into five-man back line due to flexibility issues (532 is the only valid formation with 5 at the back making it impossible to transfer between a midfielder and forward or vice versa). Below we'll be outlining an example 442 structure that you could employ.

Example 442 team structure 

Don't pay any attention to the players here. The main thing to note are the following tips:

Seven Sky Sports Fantasy Football Structure Tips

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