Sports Fantasy Football Overhaul Guide

The Sky Sports fantasy football overhaul is here and it’s a chance to rip up your team and start again, but just exactly what is the overhaul and why is it so important? 2016/17 Sky Sports Fantasy Football Champion Dan Cox explains all.

The Overhaul

So it’s overhaul time, a chance to essentially pick a brand new team with unlimited transfers. Basically it’s what the FPL guys call a wildcard but in Sky it’s better as it’s only permitted during a set week. Log in, go to transfers and take everyone out and start again. It won’t deduct any transfers from your remaining transfer count. So if you’ve had a bad start you can now bring in the players who you’ve regretted not having - or like me shift some that aren’t performing. Plus you have until the first kick off on September 14th to keep chopping and changing your team.


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