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As we head into game week 32, Former Sky Sports Fantasy Football Champion Dan Cox highlights five players for you to consider for your fantasy XI this week.

There are only five Premier League fixtures this weekend as the FA Cup causes some fixture carnage. But hopefully you will have taken appropriate action last weekend to ensure you have a captain each day this weekend and hopefully more than a couple of players making an appearance this week. 

On Saturday there are just three fixtures, Bournemouth v Newcastle, Burnley v Leicester and West Ham v Huddersfield. 

But don’t worry if you haven’t already brought someone in as there are some great options to consider from each match.

David Brooks 6.3m

Starting at the Vitality and Bournemouth’s David Brooks (6.3m) is a good a pick as any. The Welsh international is a great option. Having just returned from injury he’s been in great form this season. With six goals and four assists, along with a solitary man of the match award. 

With over 100 points he’s been exceptional value for money this season, plus as he has been out injured he’s not overly selected, currently in just 4.7 per cent of teams so he could be a great secret weapon.

James Maddison 7.6m

I’ve tipped him several times and I still think that James Maddison (7.6m) is a great pick. He’s always at the heart of the action, and as Leicester face Burnley I think he could well be in the thick of it again. 

An assist last week in the win over Fulham now takes him to 134 points for the season, from five goals, six assists and an impressive five MOTM awards. Again a great value for money pick that is in just 14 per cent of teams.

Declan Rice 6.6m

At the London Stadium West Ham face a Huddersfield side that are facing almost certain relegation. I think Declan Rice (6.6m) is another great option. With two goals and two MOTM awards since the Overhaul he’s been in great form, with 33 points in his last four games. 

I wouldn’t bet against a West Ham clean sheet and Rice appears to be a MOTM magnet at the moment. So if West Ham do keep a clean sheet he’ll be a candidate for the man of the match award. He’s also earned over 100 points this season and again for 6.6m is a great value for money pick. In just 3.4 per cent of teams he’s criminally under-owned. 

Onto Sunday and the two games to choose a captain from are Fulham v Liverpool and Everton v Chelsea. Both these games look pretty one sided to me and the stand out choices would pretty much be anyone in a Liverpool shirt. 

Virgil van Dijk 9.9m

However I think Virgil van Dijk is the safest pick for a points haul. Whilst Mohamed Salah might be an obvious pick – he hasn’t exactly been setting the world alight this season and I think there’s more chance of a Liverpool clean sheet than a Salah brace. Especially given the Egyptian has scored just once in the last seven games. And more frustratingly in Liverpool’s last two home games they’ve scored nine goals and Salah hasn’t contributed an assist or goal. Maybe he’s not the essential pick that he was last season. 

Van Dijk is the highest points scorer in the game by some distance with 239 points from 16 clean sheets, three goals, four MOTM awards and a massive 57 points in passing bonus. 

Eden Hazard 11.8m

If you for some reason don’t own a Liverpool player or just fancy a different option then again I think that Eden Hazard is a great option. The Belgian is the second highest point scorer behind van Dijk with 207 points. 

Despite Chelsea’s recent struggles, Hazard remains a premium asset. He’s a match winner who’s more than capable of a big points haul. Even recently he’s returned 21 points against Huddersfield with a brace and MOTM and he did the same against Watford on Boxing Day. 

The only problem is he then often goes on a barren run of two point performances. It’s just catching him at the right time of a double digit haul.

Why I’m suggesting Hazard is due to the single game days Chelsea have on the horizon. On the 31st of March Chelsea travel to Cardiff – while the only other game of the day is Liverpool against Tottenham. 

Whilst not a single game day I think I’d rather have Hazard as captain that day than Virgil van Dijk or Mohamed Salah. 

Chelsea do have some single game days in April – two in fact with West Ham on the 8th and Burnley on the 22nd. This is where I’m hoping owning the Belgian will pay dividends. 

Any questions or dilemmas follow me on twitter @dancox82 and I’ll do my best to answer them. 


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