I like this part of the season. With fixtures thrown into chaos, it allows those who do a little planning to gain a jump on their rivals.

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9 transfers left

1.2 in the bank

Previous gameweek

Going into the home stretch, my team has been treading water just outside the top 100. But it did perform solidly in the blank week last time out as my Liverpool quartet delivered exactly 100 points. Salah continued his frightening form and looks a shoe-in for captaincy everytime he walks onto the pitch. FirminoMane and Van Dijk have also provided decent returns, but with fewer fixtures left for Liverpool, I'm eyeing up moving a couple of their assets on.

State of my team

Overall I'm fairly happy, athough I do seem to keep ignoring the no.1 rule in Sky - don't go near injury or rotation prone players. Despite this, I seem intent on bringing in Ramsey and Christensen everytime they are fit. I dread to think how many points they have cost me. Still, they both look fairly decent options moving forward so I'm hopeful they will come good... there I go again.

Transfer targets

Aubamayang plays on Sunday this weekend making him a prime captaincy candidate and an easy switch out for Jesus. The Argentine was always a short-term punt and I'm just hoping he can give me a final parting gift come Saturday. With Aubamayang not able to feature in the Europa Cup and facing a very kind run in and some prime captaincy options, it seems like a no-brainer to draft him in.

Hazard is another one a have half an eye. Come Sunday, Hazard will have two extra games over Mane until the end of the season, plus some decent captaincy days. The question is whether I make the move now, or hold off until Mane has played Everton next Saturday - it's effectively Hazard (TOT) vs. Mane (eve). I'm not sure yet, although holding the transfer another week may give me more information.

Elsewhere, I wish I had Mahrez and may look to shoehorn him in somehow. Annoyingly though, he keeps playing on Saturdays meaning I can't squeeze an extra game out of him.

Captaincy Polls




My Captaincy Strategy

I can't image there are many managers brave enough to not captaincy Salah on Saturday. Sunday is more open, but I'll be opting for new recruit Aubameyang. 

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