I’m picking up the proverbial ‘pen’ again in an effort to rekindle my inner Sky Sports Fantasy Football tipster. Longtime readers of the Hub will know that I used to do a regular Sky diary piece, but due to running of the site and having more qualified stand-ins (like former winner Dan Cox) it was shelved. With Dan taking a break from writing due to personal reasons, I’ll be covering him with this short piece. Not the same, or as good, but hopefully give some guidance for the run-in.

My Team

Sky Sports fantasy Football Tips 2019

Rank: 53rd

Transfers remaining: 2

Budget: 2.3m

It’s been a strange old season. I find myself on the edge of a top 50 spot. I should be pleased, yet, somehow, I feel like it’s not been a good one. I’ve been nowhere near the frontrunners and had numerous dodgy calls and wasted transfers along the way. Admittedly, its almost impossible to nail every move, but there have been some important lessons in what has proved to be a testing season.

In many ways, large sections of how to do well at the Sky game need to be re-written as bonus hogging defenders have become the must-have fantasy acquisitions. I have consistently battled with the need to cash in on value in defence whilst also being hamstrung by the inflexibility of the 532 formation. As a result, I’ve been switching between 433 and 532, but never really felt like I’ve had the team I wanted all season.

Don’t get me wrong, I have made some good calls as the likes of Robertson, Laporte, Allison and Jimenez being ever-reliable mainstays. Yet, shifting between the City and Liverpool big hitters for captaincy has taken up a chunk of my transfers with only moderate success. In hindsight, with Van Dijk and Laporte have scored more points than any of their midfield or striker counterparts, the captaincy should have gone with them.

In some respects, I knew that it ‘made sense’ to captain defenders fairly early in the season, but there’s something far more enjoyable watching a game hoping for goals rather than counting passes. As a lover of the Sky game, I hope they make changes to reflect this next season.


With just three Gameweeks and only two transfers remaining, there isn’t a whole lot of choice. The last big decision of the season will be whether to spend the remaining trades to cover Everton’s Friday night match on the 3rd May or jump on the City vs Leicester players on the penultimate Monday.

For me, I’m looking at Robertson > Richarlison / Sigurdsson after Liverpool host Huddersfield this Friday. I’ll get the extra game plus the captaincy on 3rd May from an Everton player before deciding whether to revert the change or spend my last transfer on a City player (Son > Aguero or Richarlison / Sigurdsson > B Silva looking like decent shouts).


I’ll hand the armband to this season’s highest point scorer Van Dijk on Friday. It’s taking me far too long to realise that captaining the big Dutchman is a viable strategy, but better late than never.

Son will take duties on Saturday, he’s suspended for Spurs’ Champions League match against Ajax, so should get the full 90 against a dodgy West Ham backline.

Sterling will then take over as City travel to Burnley. I don’t expect City to roll over The Clarets, but they should still win comfortably and I’m hopeful Sterling will be in amongst the goals.

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