No transfers left. It feels quite liberating in a strange way. No longer do I have to make a decision (apart from the captaincy of course). It gives me a chance to reflect on a season which promised so much but, ultimately, will see my team limping towards the finish line.

0 transfers left

0 in the bank

I chose Sunday to make my final two trades – Hazard and Christensen out for Sterling (as captain) and Fernandinho. Christensen has to go down as one of my worst fantasy acquisitions ever. Cheap and seemingly nailed in a Chelsea backline he looked like a no-brainer. It turned into a nightmare as injury, being dropped and plain bad luck all conspired to bring mass frustration. I’ve not done the math, but I’m pretty sure Fenandinho has scored more in one week than ‘Chrissy’ has done over the last couple of months. Rant over.

Elsewhere, I opted to go without a United big hitter as I just don’t like the look of their attack at the moment. Valencia was supposed to be a solid points machine as Jose’s men churned out clean sheets. Frustratingly, they seem to keep conceding one goal since I brought him in.

My squad overall is in fairly good shape, although I’d rather Mahrez wasn’t in there (another one who has done nothing since I brought him in). My main hope now is that my team, and especially my captains, stay injury and rotation free. It’s certainly a risk to go without at least one transfer in your back pocket and something I wouldn’t recommend. But it seemed the best call on Sunday morning.

My wishlist

If I had more transfers spare, Zaha would be top of my list.  Despite having one less game than some players, the winger is in scintillating form. Two decent fixtures and a propensity to pick up MOTM awards make him a decent end of season punt.

Pogba is a strong option for those holding Lukaku and sweating over whether he’ll play on Friday. Bonus, goals, assists and MOTM displays always possible with the enigmatic Frenchmen (when he’s in the mood).

Eriksen is another one that I wish I could have made a move for on Monday. The Dane only managed an assist but looks primed to finish the season strongly. If you’re feeling like a gamble, Alli or Son also look like strong bets.








My captaincy strategy

Valencia > Kane > Sterling > VDH > Sterling > Arnautovic. 

My hope is that I can find a way to squeeze into the top 100. It may well be a slightly meaningless threshold, but it’s my target each year. Most of my players have an extra fixture, so I’m hopeful it’s still possible.

Good luck to all those fighting it out for mini leagues or even the overall crown. Hope you have some nails left by the end.

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