Overhaul Thoughts
So we’re here, it’s the Sky Sports Fantasy Football Overhaul. A chance to totally revamp your team, make unlimited transfers and create a team for the season run in. But who are the players to have? What formation should we use? How many transfers do we need? And what should we do about these blank weekends with FA Cup fixtures and how do you plan for rescheduled games?

First things first, let be clear about exactly what the Overhaul is. Here is the definition of the overhaul from the Sky terms and conditions:
The second Overhaul period will open after the final match of game week 27. The Overhaul will remain open for the whole of game week 28 and up until the first kick off of game week 29 on the 22nd February.

You will be able to make unlimited transfers during those periods until the first game day deadline. Once the first game day deadline of the week has passed the overhaul will expire and any additional transfers will come out of your remaining 40-player transfer limit.
So essentially you can pick a new XI and it won’t take any transfers off your seasonal tally. 
Overhaul Transfers 
With a bit of luck you’ll have ten or more transfers to navigate the run in and take advantage of the fixture rearrangements. You can manage it with less but I think if you have double figures then it will make things a bit easier. If you have more than ten then great, but I think you have to have the balance of not hoarding too many as maybe these transfers could have been used already to better maximise points potential. 

This is the remaining average transfers for the following brackets -

Top 10 – 12.0
Top 100 – 10.9
Top 1000 – 10.1
Top 5000 – 10.1
Overhaul Fixtures
There are 11 game-weeks left after the overhaul and all teams have 12 fixtures. With the exception of Manchester City and Everton who have 11 each. 

Checking the fixtures is key. Making sure you have a captain each day and a transfer plan. Not forgetting that the FA Cup will cause a few blanks in a couple of Gameweeks and then subsequent double Gameweeks appear as games postponed due to FA Cup involvement are rescheduled. 

Gameweek 32 is the first issue as that’s FA Cup quarter final weekend and Gameweek 35 is the semi-finals. So the current Premier League teams still in the FA Cup will see those games postponed. But it’s also worth checking who they face as its a blank for them also. 

On the 16/17th of March, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Brighton, Crystal Palace, Watford and Wolves could all potentially be without games. So I’d be looking to make sure that I had a player from a team not in the FA cup that week who’s fixture is definitely on. Or at least have a plan to bring in someone to provide a captain. 
Rescheduled games
Games called off due to FA Cup matches could well be rescheduled to April 2/3 and April 23/24 as these are free midweeks. But that’s only guesswork. But it’s something to bear in mind.

Also Manchester City,...


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