The last game week the lowest total points week with 821 which is over 60 points less than the previous lowest. Arsenal’s breathing taking display with five goals meant they scored the most points with 87, while Everton has the lowest total for the week with 12.

Man of the match

The table below are the Sky man of the matches:

A brace by Salah meant he picked up his eighth award putting him on his own in second place and just one behind de Bruyne.  Deulofeu has made an incredible start for Watford by making two starts and being MotM in both games.  Gudmundsson picks up his fourth award and is top of the less known players.

The bonuses

The distribution of bonuses by team this week is:

Man United produced the most bonuses this week, picking up five in passing.  Several clubs came away empty handed. It was interesting to see Stoke picking up four tackling bonuses in a defeat at Bournemouth.

The season awards are as follows:

The bonuses by position are as follows, strikers performance was above their normal standard while defenders and midfielders were significantly below their average.

Bonus by player

The table of top players by different points and awards is:

Player watch

This week I’m going to look a bit more closely at A.Ramsey, partly because he appears in my usual charts, but with Arsenal knocked out of the FA cup has the possibility of playing in week 31 post over-haul. The midfielders’ chart is:

Ramsey is tenth in points scored for midfielders, 11th for points per £m, but second based on pts/g/£m.  He has started 16 games and made sub appearances in two other matches.  He has scored six goals with eight assists and picked up two MotM awards. On bonuses, he has only achieved 11 (five passing, three tackling and three shooting).


His underlying stats show he has scored 16.7% of the team goals, though had 15.7% of the team’s expected goals (scored 6 v expected 6.2). He has 16.7% of assists while creating 10.3% of expected (6 v 4.0).  This suggests goals is in line with expectations, but his assists is higher than expected.  It should also be noted that Sky have him with eight assists which indicates even greater over-performance.

On the key metric of pts/£m/g is low at 0.79, which is above the gold standard 0.7.  Even correcting for an over-performance in assists he would still be above the gold standard

However, if we look at a break-won of his points per week we see:

Ramsey has performed consistently throughout the season, though scoring a hat-trick in his last game distorts the chart slightly.  My main worry is that Ramsey had six weeks out recently and so have concerns about his fitness.  Another concern is the change in personnel and the return of Wilshire.  I’m hoping Leicester win their cup match, so have time to monitor Ramsey’s performance it the coming weeks with a view of bringing him in post over-haul after the FA cup blank game week.

My teams

I thought my first team did reasonably well. I captained Otamendi over Aguero, and Salah over Kane.  However, the rest of the squad didn’t produce much, meaning a weekly score of 69 points and fell to 191.  My second team also captained Salah but had little cheer elsewhere.  They moved up to 15th on Sunday night and fell back to 19th following Chelsea’s heavy defeat.  My cup run ended after my opponent also scored 69 points, but won by scoring more goals.


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