This week the set of matches scored 979 points. Following Liverpool’s 5-0 win against Huddersfield meant Liverpool had the highest team score with 117 points, while Huddersfield had the lowest with seven points.

Man of the match

The table below are the Sky man of the matches:

Jota picks up his fifth awards to move to second in the table, while Wilson and Aguero are just behind after picking up their fourth awards.

The bonuses

The distribution of bonuses by team is:

Top performances were put in as usual by Man City, Liverpool and Spurs. Fulham also had a great week, though its unclear how much of this is due to a final push in their last few games or the poorness of Cardiff. Leicester also had a good week while Arsenal were achieved little. The big match of the weekend Man Utd v Chelsea produced the fewest returns of the weekend.

This gives a seasonal picture below:

The bonus awards by position based on the number of appearances is:

Bonus by player

The table of the top players for various bonuses are as follows:

My team

With no more transfers its just a case of picking captains and keeping my fingers crossed that no injures happen in the final weeks.

On Friday I captained VVD that double to 20 points, with Robertson (20) and Alison (9) gave me a decent start to the week with 49 points. Though this still resulted in a red arrow with several teams having four Liverpool defenders and/or Mane and Salah who had good returns.

Son my captain on Saturday had another blank and Siggy blanked leaving Jimenez to give me my only return. Sunday was the crunch day with Laporte being my captain and having no Sterling or Aguero could be punishing. My other worry was my two Chelsea defenders who looked like they would return little in the first half hour from the hammering they were getting but a mistake by De Gea gave Rudiger an assist and deflated the onslaught. The sad news was hearing Rudiger had a bad injury ☹

Overall a weekly score of 98 points and position remained unchanged at 40th.

Hope you all kept on course and have a good week.


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