The Algorithm is a statistical spreadsheet tool developed by our resident statistician Carl Weeks. It uses various spread betting odds and expected bonus to determine the expected points for each player. Carl has created this statistical beast so that it can be used for FPL, Sky & TFF games. In this series, he uses is to guide his own team in Sky and TFF formats.


A few Sky Sports Fantasy Football visuals following the Gameweek.

Man of the match


Bonus points by team for the week:


Bonus points by team for the season:


Top bonus for players

Sky Sports Fantasy Football team

I made the two transfers as planned over the weekend and was glad to see the back of Pukki following a very disappointing spell in the side. I made a lucky mistake over the weekend as due to concerns over Salah I was going to captain AWB, but forgot about this and selected Salah in a rush on Sunday. Once accounting for the two transfers, then had an average score of 95 points.

I have no transfers planned for the coming week, so will be captainless for the Monday night match of Villa v Newcastle.




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