A low scoring game week, with only 911 points being awarded.  Liverpool was the highest scores with 78, which is quite low considering they banged in 5 goals.  Brighton who conceded the five goals was the lowest scores with 19 points.

Man of the match

The table below are the Sky man of the matches:

Hazard turned in a stunning performance to pick up his third MotM award of the season, just one behind second spot.

The bonuses

The distribution of bonuses by team this week is:

Chelsea put in a great performance in picking up bonuses, during a comfortable win.  Picking-up a rare, tier 2 shooting award.  Man City not surprisingly was joint top bonus score, but this did involve achieving 3 tackles bonuses which is rare for them.


The season awards are as follows:

The bonuses by position is as follows, with midfielders putting in a stunning performance.

Bonus by player

The table of top players by different points and awards is:

Player watch

Aguero is another high profile player who pops up on my charts, so will look into his performance in more detail.

Currently, he is third top scoring striker with 86 points.  He has missed a few matches through car crashes, being ill or the dreaded Pep rotation.  However, out of the 15 matches he has played 11 (one being sub), so maybe plays more than you’d imagine.  He is second on the points per match per £m, on 0.61 only Niasse (with few matches) has more on 0.79.  Comparing this to last season he would have scored 0.51 based on his current price.  So, most strikers are falling short of the golden 0.7 standard.

He has scored nine goals, an assist and 3 shooting bonuses.  He has scored 28% of team goals with 20% shots on target, this slight over performance is partly due to penalties.  He has 9% of assists while creating 12% of key passes.  So overall his points is in line with performance.

I think his price is slightly too high and still feel nervous about buying due to Pep rotation risk.  However, he has played in the majority of games and so worth monitoring and maybe worth taking a punt if needing to gamble and having a run of good fixtures.

My teams

Seeing the Chelsea team on Saturday meant I could finally bring in Azpilicueta after he was rested in mid-week.  This has completed the transition to 5-3-2.  My spreadsheet should a very slight advantage for Kane to be captain ahead of Hazard, but since I was going to captain Kane in my second team, I knew that Hazard was playing and thought he had a better chance of MotM put the arm-band on Hazard which was a nice bit of luck as he scored 22 points (meaning 44 for me).  On the Sunday I captained Otamendi who scored 14 points.  No other player scored more than 5 points, but still scored 97 points for the week.  This catapulted my team into the top 100 to 88th.

My second team seems to have run out of steam.  Kane flopped as captain and only de Bruyne as captain on the Sunday contribute over 10 points for a disappointing total of 50 points.  I was content with the side to limp to the over-haul with any further transfers, but then Pogba got sent off.  Currently thinking of a gamble on Sigurdsson, mainly to cover the Everton v Swansea match and hope big Sam makes use of his set-piece skills.