This was an average scoring game week with 961 points. Liverpool is the only team to score three figures with 101 points following their 5-0 win home to Swansea, who is the lowest scorers with 6 points.

Man of the match

The table below shows the Sky man of the match awards:

This was the week of the big hitters with Hazard, de Bruyne, Kane and Sanchez all picking up MotM awards.  This means that de Bruyne now leaders the table with 7, closely followed by Salah and Kane on 6 with Hazard one further back on 5.

The bonuses

The distribution of bonuses by team this week is:

There seems to be a clear pattern with the teams achieving the most bonus awards doing this via passing bonuses, while the lowest achieving teams only achieve tier 1 tackling.

The surprising team this week were Spurs, who despite a comfortable 5-2 over Southampton didn’t achieve any passing awards.

The season awards are as follows:

The bonuses by position are as follows, midfielders had a very good week in picking up bonuses.

Bonus by player

The table of top players by different points and awards is:

Player watch

This week I’m going to have a closer inspection on R.Firmino as he scored again at the weekend and appeared in my charts.

Firmino is currently 3rd in total points scored by strikers, stays 3rd based on pts/£m and falls slightly to 5th based on pts/g/£m.  He has started 17 games and made a sub appearance in two other matches, scoring 9 goals with 5 assists.  In a team with flair players, MotM are difficult to come by, but has still achieved this on a couple of occasions. Despite his link-up play he hasn’t achieved any passing bonuses, though has picked up a couple of tackling awards.

His underlying stats show he has scored 20.5% of the team goals, though only had 13.7% of the team’s shot on target.  He has 11.4% of assists while creating 11.9% of chances.  This suggests he is performing slightly above expected on the number of goals scored.

On the key metric of pts/£m/g is a disappointing 0.50, which is significantly below the gold standard 0.7.  However, if we look at a break-won of his points per week we see:

The last 3 game weeks he has performed exceptionally for his price, but this coincides with Liverpool scoring 4, 3 and 5 goals (which I doubt is sustainable). So with a low 0.5 pts/g/£m I will not be buying, though if you see a run of very good fixtures he could be worth a short-term gamble – but not one I will be taking.

My teams

My head has been turned slightly with the prospect of getting a third team in January that will give me another 40 transfers to feed tinkering addiction.  All indications suggest that strikers are under-performing by their price compared to other positions, so best to only play with one striker. Since 5-4-1 isn’t a valid option, I’m currently favouring the 4-5-1 approach, so decided to change my main teams to this formation – this has meant losing Sanchez and bringing in Ozil as part of this process (ouch following last night, but I still think was the correct decision).

Both teams scored well over the game week with clean sheets for Chelsea, Man City and Everton. I was torn who to captain between Salah and Kane on Boxing day – my spreadsheet said Salah (by a smallish margin), however, Kane has just scored a brace and I was expecting him to be a popular choice. So went for Salah in my first team and Kane in my second. I had KdB as captain in the Newcastle v Man City game, and last night had Ozil as captain instead after Sanchez had recently been dropped.  My first team moved up slightly to 154th, while the second team rose to 12th and then slipped back to 17th after last night game.

With there being no breaks between the next two game weeks, the next round up will be after game week 22.

I hope you all have a Happy New Year.


Carl is doing so well at the Sky game in only his first year playing thanks, in part, to his super clever spreadsheets and forecasting models. These are available to members below. Enjoy!


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