Another high scoring week with 988 points awarded in total.  Spurs were the only team to score 100, while Palace were the only team to score single figures, for the second consecutive week.

Man of the match

The table below are the Sky man of the matches:

Mawson becomes only the third player of the season to be awarded MotM while on the losing team.  Ritchie and Kane both pick up their third MotM award to move ahead of the rest.

The table may suggest that midfielders receive more MotMs, which to a degree is true.  However, once you take account of how many players play in each position, then proportionally more strikers are award MotM.  The chart below highlights this:

The bonuses

The distribution of bonuses by team this week is:

Passing seems to have been racked up by the top clubs and interesting that Southampton picked up four in a tricky away match to Stoke.

The top six teams continue to dominate bonus awards as shown in:

Southampton move to 7th place ahead of the rest.  Tackles are the most common bonus awards, but the mix tends to change towards passing towards the top 6 teams.

This week sees defenders picking up the most bonus awards, a reversal from last week.

Bonus by player

The table of top players by different points and awards is:

Player watch

Looking at the Sky toolkit Richarlison of Watford moves into 3rd top points scorer in midfield and top as pts/£m.  A plot of points per game by value shows him as a top performer.

However, with so few games we need to be careful that this isn’t just random noise, so need to look at underlying stats.  He has scored 3 goals, which looks reasonable from 23 shots (5 on target) compared to Alli 18 (and 4).  He’s had 2 assists from 10 key passes.  He has also picked up a tier 2 tackling and seems to make quite a few tackles per match so could expect the odd bonus here to come.

Finally, he has picked up two MotM awards.  Not only has his goals helped, but he has quite a high number of dribbles per match which means he may catch the eye.

At a price of £7.6m he seems a must have and will be coming into my team in the near future.

My teams

My second team is having some bad luck with injuries, so is burning through some transfers with more to come.  Position has remained constant over the week around the 2,240 mark.  My first team had a difficult choice with P.Jones, I wasn’t sure if he would start and agonised who to bring in, either Soares of Southampton or Maguire of Leicester. Then after seeing earlier kick-off teamsheet went for Tripper as a short-term transfer.  I ended the week with 80 points and expected to drop a few places but rose 31.  A pleasant surprise.

Hope you all had good weeks and leave your best players in the comments below.