Fantasy football can be a funny old thing. Just as you think you have a settled and well set up team, it throws you a Hazard, De Bruyne and Pogba shaped curveball straight at you. With the big midfield hitters demanding our attention, I’m left scratching my head pondering how to shoehorn them in, ahead of a bumper double gameweek.

Last gameweek

Last week proved a frustrating affair as a late captaincy switch from Coutinho to Kane badly backfired. Despite missing out on captaincy, my patience in Coutinho finally paid some dividends, even if he was outscored by his red hot team mate Salah. In midfield, Sterling and Eriksen once again toiled, making those big hitting mids look all the more appealing.

Elsewhere, the bright sparks were Richarlison who picked up a tidy 16 point captaincy haul and the ever-faithful Burley defensive double act of Pope and TarkowskiRegular readers will notice the Bong has also slipped into my side. On my way to watch Brighton at the Amex on Monday night, a slightly ‘merry’ me decided that Hegazi had to go. The good news is that Bong is dirt cheap at 5.5 and looks to be ahead of Suttner. 

Heavy hitting mids

Playing in the hole behind Morata, in form, great fixtures, nailed on and a MOTM darling, Hazard looks like a must have. Chelsea also have some plum captaincy ties over the busy Christmas period. A few hauls from the Belgium, could well send you flying up the rankings. I also desperately want Pogba. The marauding midfielder is part of a very rare Sky bread – the type of player that can score goals, assist, MOTM awards and every type of bonus.

De Bruyne has been an ever-present in my second team, but with only Salah outscoring him so far, I’m tempted to bring him into my Diary team. Unlike many of the City assets, the Belgium seems immune to Pep rotation tendencies, something that’s worth its weight in gold heading into Christmas. However, City do have cheaper options, with both Sane and Silva also seemingly assured of starts and scoring well. Either way, it looks like I have invested in the wrong City asset.

What will I do?

My aim of having 20 transfers left by Christmas looks like a pipe dream. I’d love to save them, but like the real league, I fear that this busy part of the season could well define the rankings come May. As a result, I’m currently eyeing up a 3 transfer splurge over the coming week that will involve Vardy, Eriksen and Sterling making way for Hazard, Pogba and a premium defender. This would see me switch to a 451 formation with only Kane up top.

I’m not sure which premium defender yet, but Walker and Alonso are currently top of my watchlist. My current thinking is to shift Vardy and Sterling for Pogba and a premium defender on Saturday, while I’ll give Eriksen another couple of run outs before shifting him to Hazard on Wednesday.

The downside to this route is that I won’t be able to bring in City attacking assets. But, we can’t have them all, and I can always throw Otemendi the armband when City captaincy is required. This would leave me with 20 transfers, far less than ideal at this stage. But, with the 2nd Overhaul in February, its not the end of the world.


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With a whopping five captaincy days coming up this gameweek, there could well be some big rank swings. Vardy will say his last hoorah on Friday night. He’s been disappointing to own, but all will be forgiven if he can bag a brace against a woeful looking West Ham outfit. It will be a toss up between Kane and Pogba (if I bring him in) on Saturday. I might just take the plunge on Pogba given Kane’s apparent inability to score at home against easier opposition.

Sunday will see me shift to a Otamendi. Coming back after his ban, I’m hopeful of tier 2 passing and a clean sheet against Huddersfield to bring home a 20 point captaincy haul. On Tuesday, Pogba and Kane will once again fight it out for duties, while Hazard will be drafted in (one way or another), and captained on Wednesday.

Some useful Sky tools

If you haven’t already, check out Ian’s popular planning tool and Carl’s super clever forecasting tool – both very useful for members as we head into the busy Christmas period.

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